I forgot a day! (Day 5…ish)

Again, copy paste: Blah blah blah, I’m doing a week-long thing about everyday stuff as an intern in Taiwan. Check out the previous blogs to understand why I am saying this and to catch up. Quick reads!

This blog is all about my Wednesdays in Taipei, Taiwan.

By the way, if you did not know, Taipei City is the capital of the nation of Taiwan. It is in the very far north, almost on the coast, except that it is in a basin of mountains which surround it, protecting it from the damages of the typhoons and the torrents that come with them. Because I do not use copyrighted pictures in my blog, I give you a present: cool maps of Taiwan. Check out Google’s map for a zoomable trip. Zoom in! Get up close! 🙂

Yesterday, Wednesday, I got up, prayed, went to the Aroma again at 10, and from what I remember, spent the majority of the day studying Chinese. Then sometime close to 8 pm I took a bus 1/2 an hour from Ximen Station (there is another map for you, for reference) to Miki and Caleb’s house. Caleb is a 6′ tall Canadian who fell in love with a lady from Taiwan named Miki, and they made friends with Chris and Jamie O’Dell and helped start The Aroma Cafe.







I lived with them for about a month when I first got here, but it was a little too far travel-time-wise for me to get to and from work (the blue and green and yellow building is mine). Their house is like my second home (or, really, first obviously) because I have been spending the night every Wednesday for a couple months. This means I get to spend a little more time with the interns Rachel, Becca, and now Alisha, the newest intern. A couple of Taiwanese girls are also living at Caleb and Miki’s right now, along with the couples’ two baby boys, Zephaniah (1 yr) and Elijah (newborn).

Please Pray!

  • Miki was REALLY sick last night. Please pray and ask God to heal her. She needs to rest, but she has a newborn to feed and keep safe.

We are studying the book of Hebrews in the Bible, so we talked about chapter 2, and trust me, a lot more. Our study nights always include a side-note of plethoras of random topics that range from phone usage in the restroom to the Newsboys’ song “Breakfast.” Don’t ask.

I talked with Rachel and Alisha some before climbing into bed and watching a couple episodes of Two Fathers (not what you think), a Taiwanese drama. The end. Goodnight!

I'm starting a new book called "Crazy Love" soon with my friend, Eva! I'm pumped to finally read it.
I’m starting a new book called “Crazy Love” soon with my friend, Eva! I’m pumped to finally read it!

Keep the Faith!



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