Everyday Life

Today I discovered yet another way not to make food… Doing that a lot recently. Day to day things like that have not been in my blogs much, but recently (Chinese= zuijin), a couple people have been asking what a normal day looks like here for me. So, for a few days I am going to tell you what happened throughout the day, like captain’s log of sorts.

Right now is the end of Friday, January 22nd. I do not have school because it is winter break until February 15th.

It’s Cold!!! It rained today like every other day, all day, for the past two weeks. Blech. People have been saying it might snow here for real, and last night I had a dream it snowed in Taiwan. It was pretty cool! But I imagine the streets would be pretty dangerous with any ice or slush with all the scooters and bicycles people use.

This morning I woke up in my bed (different from Thursdays because I sleep at Miki and Caleb’s house–my house parents when I first moved to Taiwan) around 9 am (different from most days because today I was doing a Sabbath). I got ready for the day and walked the 10 minute walk to Aroma: Put on shoes. Go down 5 floors to level 1. Smile and wave to the guard, go out the door and turn right. Walk ten minutes straight down Neijiang (there are other ways, but I won’t bore you) and turn right at the end of the street. Take a left and quickly jaywalk across Hanzhong street and close my umbrella as I enter the Aroma Cafe on my left. Ditch umbrella at the door and go downstairs to the basement for 10 am prayer with the leaders of Aroma.

Alleys are my favorite places to walk… no people and blocked from the street noise.

This morning we prayed for family, and man, I really want my siblings to experience the life-changing power of the gospel in Person through Jesus Christ.

Please Pray!

  • Please take a moment to pray for my siblings–pray for healing and restoration, truth and life and hope.

Today (as I mentioned, it was my Sabbath), I just hung out at the Aroma most of the day. I bought a hot chocolate, went up to the 2nd floor where the seating is, prayed for a couple hours for various things, and read the Bible. Talked with Rachel –great friend and another intern here. She’s an MK with a lot of friendliness and great cooking skills.

After lunchtime I went downstairs again and practiced a bit for worship on Sunday. I’ll be playing cajon and piano (at the same time! Oh, jk). Mark, a Taiwanese leader of the church, helped me find a place for my mom to stay for the week and a half that she will be visiting in February.

I bought an earl grey tea-flavored  muffin and walked home in the rain to our flat on Neijiang Street and put some IHOP worship on. I made some fish. Here is where I discovered how not to make food. I bought some pickles from a grocery store called “Wellcome” down Kunming Street, and obviously those kind of pickles should not be used in baking. Anything. Yuck. They are not dill… I do not even know what they are. But yeah… So then I made a drawing for my friend Eva and colored a picture, read some Spanish in the Las Cronicas de Narnia by CS Lewis.

Had to cancel a trip to make pottery with Eva and Alexa, my new language exchange partner, and another friend from church named Sandra because there will not be enough time tomorrow.

Eva and me on a trip last Saturday to see the Maokong Gondola
“Serious face”

At that time it was time to go to Coffee Talk, and I got to see Eva and some other friends from Coffee Talk. Tonight we talked about the 7 Wonders of the World and each of the 7 tables had their own Wonder to talk about. My table talked all about Machu Picchu in Peru, and it was fun to help them gather information about the site and make a persuasive blurb about it to share with the whole room (about 40 people tonight since it is raining). Afterward I went to McDonalds with a group of people and came home to hang out with the girl interns.

Brittany and Justin are in Hong Kong getting Kennedy a visa because apparently she has been in the country illegally on accident somehow. They return tomorrow sometime. And now it is almost 2 am, so goodnight.

Keep the Faith!



5 thoughts on “Everyday Life

  1. I am still learning how not to cook some kinds of food! If I don’t follow a recipe exactly, it just doesn’t turn out! So glad to hear that your mom will be visiting you soon. I’ve seen pictures of her and the whole Jubilee group in India. Wonderful photos and joy! Praying for you and all at Aroma Cafe, etc. Keep up the good work! Keep the faith!

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