VBS Children Found Raising Money for Missionary (a true story)

Last week, I got an amazing message from a supporter of mine in Minnesota: “We are having a Vacation Bible School this week, and have decided to raise money for you to come home for Christmas! So my request [is that you write down] 20 fun facts about you: 1. [What is your] favorite color? … More VBS Children Found Raising Money for Missionary (a true story)


Made it onto the plane. Peace out, homies! Next stop: Taiwan embassy in Hong Kong! Please pray for travel mercies and a granted visa in time to fly back home to Taiwan¬†tomorrow. Keep the Faith!   Skyebirdie

Urgent Prayer Request

A Taiwanese friend named Nancy needs your prayers! She is a twenty-something believer, whom God has radically changed in the past few years- she has accepted Christ, gotten baptized, and gone to two year’s-worth of YWAM missions training programs in hopes of becoming an associate pastor. Soon she will be starting a new YWAM base … More Urgent Prayer Request

Strange Asia

I guess Darth Vader and the storm troopers get a little dry too… something like this is definitely Asian, and very Taiwanese! (They’re facial masks!!) Haha gotta love ’em!     Keep the Faith! … and may the Force be with you…   Skyebird

They gave me the wrong Passport Stamp!

The past few weeks have been filled with traveling here and there and everywhere– crazy moments and God moments and laugh-out-loud-in-the-street moments. I’ll attempt to tell all the moments that matter, some prayer requests, and some mentoring advice: First read a lot, then read a little. The remodeling of Aroma is finished now, and we … More They gave me the wrong Passport Stamp!

I’m Moving Out!

So, yes, the week has arrived… in less than three days I will be hanging midair over an ocean of blue and white clouds, on my way to the “Land of the Cute,” A.K.A. Taiwan. Recap Departure day/time: Monday (our time), Jan 16th @ 8:30am CT. Arrival day/time: Tuesday (Taiwan time), Jan 17th @ 8:35pm … More I’m Moving Out!