Strange Asia

I guess Darth Vader and the storm troopers get a little dry too… something like this is definitely Asian, and very Taiwanese! (They’re facial masks!!) Haha gotta love ’em!     Keep the Faith! … and may the Force be with you…   Skyebird

Fireworks and smoke (Chinese New Year and my first two weeks)

Smoke of paper-burning barrels stings my nostrils if I breathe too sharply, and unseen cannons shoot off thousands of fireworks behind 18-story buildings and meticulously decorated temples. Red door signs are everywhere and families are making their yearly exodus from the city to their childhood homes for a two-day journey from father’s to mother’s side. … More Fireworks and smoke (Chinese New Year and my first two weeks)

I’m Moving Out!

So, yes, the week has arrived… in less than three days I will be hanging midair over an ocean of blue and white clouds, on my way to the “Land of the Cute,” A.K.A. Taiwan. Recap Departure day/time: Monday (our time), Jan 16th @ 8:30am CT. Arrival day/time: Tuesday (Taiwan time), Jan 17th @ 8:35pm … More I’m Moving Out!