Phew, Thank God for Student-hood!

Things I Recommend

You may know that I had to make a mad dash to Hong Kong this last week, on account of me being slightly illegally here (only by 38 days) on accident (overstayed my visa…). I do not recommend anyone going to Hong Kong in the same manner as I, but I can tell you I had a blast. Two days is definitely not enough time there though!

Upon exiting Taiwan, I had to pay about $200 USD for my mistake, and then was told that without a visitor visa, I would not be able to enter the country. Wow. Okay. Hope I get a visitor visa, I thought, and then I was off to Hong Kong (HK).

I left my house in the wee hours of the morning, riding a taxi and a charter bus to get to the airport by 4:30, taking off at 6:00 a.m. in order to get to the Taiwan Embassy in HK before they closed at noon. While I am not recommending things, I do not recommend leaving your house at 3 to catch a 6:00 plane, but you know. Hopefully you will pay more careful attention to expiration dates than did I.


Kong’s Playground

From the air, HK was small and beautiful, every bit the tropical island of King Kong adding about 7 million people and a few buildings to house them, and upon arrival everything was sky-high and a little London-esque. I Googled how to get to the embassy and took screen shots of the route since I did not have international service or a SIM. But God had that figured out.

I waited about an hour at the giant, two-towered, 50-storey office building that held departments stores and businesses, and apparently some kind of land belonging to Taiwan, albeit 40 stories in the air (maybe they own the air?), and obtained permission to re-enter Taiwan with a visitor visa with the purpose of being a student. My exhausted brain was turning with thoughts of the grace of God and my potential ejection-chair-experience of Taiwan’s hospitality. I could have been deported. Maybe not the best thing to tell home to the fam, haha. Thank you God for protection!

My three generous friends 🙂

Later I found myself at a famous restaurant ordering ramen noodles and pork with a milk tea and sitting with three ladies who happened to be from GaoXiong, a port in southern Taiwan, who chatted with me about their trip and gave me one of their 3-day SIM cards before paying for my meal. 🙂 Thank you God!

I stayed with a friend from Aroma who lives in HK, and that night we went to dinner and ended up having a good time in prayer for her church which just had a very alarming issue come to the surface. Thank you God for this time, too! Please pray for them, and pray for your own church too.

第二天: 回家的路 (Day Two: The Road Home)

I slept through a giant thunderstorm and woke Wednesday morning refreshed and ready to see more of Hong Kong. Milly, my aforementioned friend, helped me find a music store with piano studios, and for two glorious hours I got to play a piano… a real, acoustic piano. I was in love. 🙂 Thursday I was slotted to play for the music night at Aroma (back in Taiwan), so that was a huge blessing. Thank you God again!20399346_10155621614210452_61906517_o

After that, I caught the metro-transit back to the embassy and with a sigh of relief, picked up my passport with my brand-new visitor visa. The rest of the day was a blur, and as I sat in a plaza apparently named after New York’s Time Square watching a crazy man gesture to imaginary people while holding up a camera selfie-style, I reflected on my trip and life right now. I know God is doing a lot under the surface and I am excited to keep working for him. Good things are to come. Praise God for a visa and a way to keep sharing the gospel in my school, Aroma, and maybe even random Hong Kongers 😉 (More pictures at the end…)

Please Pray!

  • Please praise God for all the good that he made out of this inconvenient trip! Praise God for the three ladies who shared their meal and a prayer with me, and so generously gave me their SIM card! Please pray our conversation stays with them and that they all learn to trust Jesus and give their hearts to Him!
  • Please pray for Milly’s church. Pray for unity and love, and HUMILITY to bring everyone back together, for exposure of darkness, and for a desire for light. Pray that all would not delight in evil but rejoice in the truth; that pride would not block leaders from remembering their purpose is Christ, not their own selves.
  • Please pray for Aroma’s two new long-term interns, Logan and Emily, who are in the air as I type… they are coming from America to begin a year of working with Aroma. Pray for grace, encouragement, and for good opportunities for them to find their place here.
I co-led our first Aroma Mentors Gathering last week! 🙂 This was our brunch, and that day Cloud and I just wanted to bless those who serve as mentors in our church/community already.(Sorry for the poor quality!)

Thank you all for your prayers and for the support you give me!! Love and blessings from Taiwan, wherever you are, from Ireland to Guam, Minnesota to LA, Iran to Nepal, and of course back to my Taiwanese friends and teammates. Pray that I share the gospel as I should, with boldness and authority, like Jesus, so that I can also see those around me get set on fire by the Spirit and share the amazing life in Christ with their world.


If you didn’t know, Jesus is the only Son of God, who was present at the beginning of the world. Everything was created through Jesus and by Jesus, and all of history was pointing to the need of him in the lives of his creation. When God sent him in the world two thousand years ago, he came as one of us, gave up his throne, and humbled himself to die a death no one wants to die– execution after beatings and lashes, killed by the very people who were waiting for their “Messiah” to rescue them from the Roman leaders– all for the joy set before him.

He knew that one day you might be reading this and feel the draw to salvation, the draw to accept free eternal life by believing in Jesus and turning your heart to him.

On the day of judgment, when all go before the True Creator of the world, you have the opportunity to stand before God clean and holy because of Christ. You see, Jesus didn’t pass away forever. He died, but his sacrifice paid for all of our wickedness and the evil of the world, for all times and people everywhere, and three days later he came back to life, defeating death and the grave, and giving all the chance to be welcomed back into the family of God, guilt free and full of courage to face any evil in the world we live in. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Put your trust in the personal God who loves you, lives today, and wants to change everything in you for good.

Come walk with me in the light of Christ! 🙂 He has brought total freedom to my life! ❤

If you have questions or would like me to talk with you about how to give your heart to Jesus, my email is or you can look me up on Facebook by searching for Skye Shae Bonati, or talk to a pastor or Christian friend you know who really loves Jesus. You will know which people to talk to because their lives will be radically different from those around you, even from other Christians perhaps. Love and prayers,

Keep the Faith, Expectantly!





Photos from recent life:

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Because of the nature of this trip, I had to spend quite a bit of my support money to help fund the tickets and expenditures. If you would like to support to me financially, please contact me at or go to the page How To Support Skye. Please pray for open doors, generous hearts, and trust in God’s provision! Thanks!!


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