Another Urgent Prayer Request!

As I was preparing to get my visa turned into an Alien Resident Card (ARC), I suddenly realized that I do not actually have a valid visa to do anything with!


I will spare you the raw details, but suffice it to say, I was under the impression I had more time, but that I actually have already run out of time… 38 days ago. So basically, it is not actually legal for me to be here at the moment.

As always, God is not at all surprised (nor has he been the past 37 days), and he has provided in huge ways for me already. I have enough funds in the bank to pay for both the ticket to Hong Kong (the closest US Embassy is located there) and the fine for overstaying the allotted time, and my hosts have blessed me with deciding that I only need to pay half the rent this month.

What I need to do:

  1. Get out of the country
  2. Apply for and receive a new student visa
  3. Possibly stay overnight one night; already have someone who is willing to help me with housing
  4. Get back in the country asap as life, school, responsibilities will go on without me here…

Please Pray!

Altogether, this trip is going to cost me about $600 USD– please pray for my finances. I am currently fundraising already, so this is a large setback to my forward motion. If it is on anyone’s heart to help me monitarily, please contact me at

Approved to Fly--Pray for Landing
Please pray I catch all my flights and for smooth travels!

Surgery Results

Aside from that, several people have been asking about my mom and her surgery– it went well! Praise the Lord, my awesome aunt drove up to Minnesota from Iowa and took care of her for a little over a week. She had some complications with the medications that caused her to have to go back into the hospital, but they got it sorted out. Praise God, because she was in a lot of pain until she got the meds switched.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for a quick recovery for my mom.
  • Please pray for financial blessing on her as she misses work.
  • Please pray for God to gain lots of honor during the whole recovery time!


Thank you all, for your support, love, and encouragement! You are a blessing to me, and I am so thankful for the foundation you lay through your prayers. Pray that I keep telling the Gospel with boldness and humility, as I ought!


Keep the Faith, Expectantly!



Look to the Lord




One thought on “Another Urgent Prayer Request!

  1. Dearest Skye,
    oh my! You are right, it is no surprise to Him, and we know He is in control of your life sweetheart. I thought I would tell you what the Lord told me yesterday about a fear I had:
    As Jesus placed the power of this statement within my heart, He said, “Great is the Lord!! All-mighty God is His Name!! Cast off the anxious thoughts! I will lift you HIGH ABOVE the circumstances.”

    Jesus I believe, and I know you do, longs and desires to be glorified in and through our lives. I think He allows things to happen for this reason, and others, I’m sure, like building our faith in His never failing Love. Oh! He is an amazing God and Loving Father!!
    We will pray! He will hear and answer, cuz He’s just that good and He Loves you. He loves you. ❤ ❤ Read Ps.116

    How awesome that you have someone who will help you with housing, and that your house people are giving you a break with rent this month! God bless them abundantly and that they won't even see a crunch from it. You are safe in His care, darlin'!

    Thank you for the prayers everyone! Yes! God has blessed and recovery continues to progress….all to His glory! Post op appt. at the dr. today, and all is going very well. Pain is helped by only a couple Tylenol every 6 hrs., praise the Lord! Tailbone feels better too. Praying the pain will be completely gone from it by the time I have to go back to work in about a month. It was broken in 2001 in a bad fall. Surgery has stirred it up again. Dr. said it should settle down in time.

    Love to you Skye and all reading this. Jesus Christ is Lord of Taiwan!

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