Urgent Prayer Request

A Taiwanese friend named Nancy needs your prayers!

She is a twenty-something believer, whom God has radically changed in the past few years- she has accepted Christ, gotten baptized, and gone to two year’s-worth of YWAM missions training programs in hopes of becoming an associate pastor. Soon she will be starting a new YWAM base in another city in Taiwan.

But Nancy really needs us to pray for her.

Because of fear of rejection and persecution, her mother, who is sadly still lost, makes her lie to all of her relatives, including her own grandmother, about what she does every day. For the past two years, Nancy has been “hanging out with friends,” “going out to eat,” or “going to the library,” all in the hopes of keeping pressure off of her mom and dad for the choices she has made. But Nancy stood me today, in tears, that she doesn’t want to lie anymore. She doesn’t want to live a double life and have to avoid her family members and their questions about what she is planning on doing for her life.

You see, family is different here. Nancy lives with her grandma, some aunts, and her mom and dad, and possibly others yet. They are all Buddhist, and the grandmother holds very high authority within the household.

Because of the secret about Nancy’s daily life, there is even more deception going on in finances. If Nancy “betrays” the family’s gods and ancestors, and tells the truth, some money will stop coming in, and her mother fears this “security” money coming to an end.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for Nancy to boldly take up her cross and live a life of truth, not a lie.
  • Please pray that her grandmother will not persecute her mother and father for Nancy’s decision to follow Jesus and become a pastor.
  • Please pray for Nancy’s mom to not fear the lack of money or her mother’s mistreatment.
  • Please pray for Nancy’s father to stand up for his wife and protect his family.
  • Please pray for the salvation of her whole family, for the glory of God to be seen, and for miracles and wonders to provide for Nancy, no matter what happens.


Thank you, all. This is a very dear sister in Christ~

Keep the Faith, Expectantly!

Nancy and me in the Aroma



4 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request

  1. Ho!! How the Holy Spirit has moved in me in a powerful way for prayer!! Even in a different tongue that sounded a lot like Chinese to me! To pray for a release of Holy Spirit and Love to Nancy that will remove and replace fear with love and faith!! The devil has kept Nancy and her family in bondage by fear. He has tried to hinder Nancy’s victorious walk by lies!! I have prayed for Nancy to be infused with the love of and for God and faith in Him. I believe that as Nancy is empowered to walk the straight path of full on righteousness, that God will come forward and fight for her and her family to be FREE.
    I also saw and prayed for the Holy Spirit to come and lay over the top of Taiwan like a Blanket… Ppl laying down their false gods and idols and coming by the droves to Christ Jesus!!
    So…. KEEP THE FAITHFULNESS! You will see your reward of souls!!!
    I was going to write it down in my journal, but the Lord stopped me and said, No, write it to Skye first.
    Lifting her up to the Father of Lights, with Whom there are no shifting shadows. Love in Christ across the seas~


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