The Importance of Whiteout and Dragon boats

The Importance of Whiteout

My best friend in school

Characters are like smiley faces: the more you try to correct them, the scarier they look. After this semester, I realized the importance and usefulness of white-out. I even found my favorite brand.



This week I finished my first semester of school at the Mandarin Training Center at the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)! My final was last week and I passed and will be able to go onto the second book next semester, with a 10 day break ahead of me. Woot! I plan to study for 7 more terms, and complete two full years there. Who would have guessed? For my part, I was going to learn Spanish and work in Latin America…

Something cool happened: I had earlier prayed for a classmate to be able to get her visa extended to the right amount of time with no troubles. She had already been to the Immigration office and only received a one month extension. A couple days later, we were sitting in the library with two other classmates and she told me that the trip had been a complete success! “They gave me the three month visa!” she excitedly said. “Woo hoo! Thank you Jesus,” I said back, and to my surprise, the other three nodded and said the same thing. “Yeah, thank you Jesus!”

Big happy family! Back: Tall guy=Paul, from Germany/ShangHai; Middle: L>R, PinPin, XiaoFeng,Mao, LiShuan, My Teacher, Mrs Hsu, me; Front: L>R, PingPing, AhGuai ๐Ÿ™‚

The last day of school everyone brought food to share and we gave our teacher a goodbye card and gift. I am so thankful for my teacher, Mrs Hsu, and for her competent teaching style. Praise God for the many opportunities I got to share about Jesus in class, as well. During our last presentations, I was able to share about a miracle that happened in Ethiopia with some Canadian friends of my host family and about how our God answers prayer. Please praise God with me for the seeds he planted!

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for my classmate PinPin as he wrestles with what it means to be a follower of a religion in general. He says he wants to become Catholic, but please pray that he will meet Jesus “face to face” and desire the love that he sees in that encounter.
  • Please pray for the rest of my classmates as we go our separate ways–we won’t necessarily have the same class next semester. Pray for a watering of the seeds in both my classmates’ and teacher’s heart.

My birthday is coming up soon, the big two-four (jk), and as I reflect on the last year, I am astounded again by God’s goodness. He has brought me up out of a valley I did not know I was in, healing me and changing me. This year I was required to read the book Soul Care by Dr. Rob Reimer (which I HIGHLY suggest reading), which went through many areas like overcoming family sin patterns, healing wounds, and learning how to stop fearing rejection, failure. I have experienced a freedom I have never known after getting help and prayer from dear friends here in Taiwan and around the world. Thank you Lord, and thank you everyone!

An exciting opportunity came up to go to a workshop lead by one of the lead sound guys from Bethel Church (the one in Redding, CA). I learned a lot about making good sounds and how to record music live or in a studio. They invited someone to come up on-stage and make up a song… so I went! It was cool, but I realized how much I like organic sounds verses the auto-tuned version of my voice and the “perfect timing” of a rhythm with no errors. I guess I am just old fashioned, but I like live recording better, and minus the click and the auto-tune.

Please Pray!

  • 18424058_10155174188994693_6137795858427359665_n
    Alexa and I coming back from the worship workshop

    Please pray for my worship director (Taiwanese friend, and Chinese language exchange partner), who is experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare right now. Pray that God teaches her more and more to look to him and to “let her gentleness be evident to all” (Phil. 4:5)

  • Please pray for Michael G. and Brian M. on our sound team, along with Levi, a new intern, as they hope to take home the ideas they learned about making the best of our sound equipment and space for worship in the Aroma Cafe.
  • Please pray for Alexa and I to be able to take the ideas about mixing instruments, leading worship with excellence, and developing the worship team and to help the whole church grow up to be worshipers of the King in stronger ways than ever before.

New Things, Changes, and Endings!

Sometimes the changes around here become less noticeable because they frequently happen. But for you, everything is new! Here are some things that have been changing in the last couple weeks:

  1. The Simpson University team returned to CA on Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (They were an awesome team of Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) college students who came for three weeks. They helped remodel the prayer room– pics below– went on ‘treasure hunts’ to pray for people in Ximen with us, and helped our Action4Jesus program clean houses and teach at a special needs home. They were a blessing!)
  2. Bible Talk has started for the summer! (Bible Talk is a discussion based class the Aroma is putting on for free this summer, all centered on stories in the Bible, in English for those who want to study the Bible in their second language. It has been a success so far! Please pray for growth and relationships with Jesus to start!)
  3. New interns have arrived! Our first of three waves of Envision:Taipei interns have arrived: Levi, Heidi, and Alex, welcome to the team! Please pray for these three as they work behind the bar with the coffee shop workers, learn what business as missions can look like, and come into contact with many lost souls that frequent our Cafe.
  4. I’m working at the Aroma (check out their Facebook to see where I work!) now, a couple times a week. I love working behind the bar and learning how to make drinks, sandwiches, andย  casseroles. Please pray for me to gracefully share the gospel with my co-worker, and pray that God blesses her with healing and redemption in Jesus’ family.
  5. First Semester Down! I finished my first semester as you know. Second one is coming soon! We start June 6th.
  6. Dragon boat Races gave me a sunburn! But I did, however, enjoy watching Michael G’.s dragon boat races this weekend! A whole group of us from church went to cheer him and his team (from our school, NTNU) on as they competed against other teams from around Taiwan. Right now it is dragon boat festival, and it is a huge holiday weekend for all Taiwanese. Here is a link to a YouTube video about the races. The team in the video was Michael’s team, and I was actually apparently almost in that video since I was hanging out with them at that time. Take a look!

Also, please pray for my family– my sister’s not feeling very good right now, and she needs your support! (Pray as the Spirit directs you, sorry, no specifics.) Pray for me to boldly but gently share the hope and life we know in Christ alone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!


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2 thoughts on “The Importance of Whiteout and Dragon boats

  1. Corry felt out of control. I didn’t know why she felt that way. I’m just speculating. I didn’t write that the way I was thinking… sorry. lol


    1. Hey Mom, I don’t want to post anything too personal or only family related since this is a public space, so that’s why I haven’t approved this post~

      Love you and I know you want the best for your kids. Keep up the amazing race you’ve run!


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