The Beauties of Taroko Gorge and Repentance

There are some things I won’t tell you because I believe not everything needs to be shared. For example, God told me to pray for a certain friend, but not to tell them. Here’s what he said:

“I want you to pray every day for ___________. And I don’t want you to tell them about it. Ever.

“Because your heart so desires to bless people. But most of the time the blessing is for the blessings of love and gratefulness you’d receive in return. Stop and wait. Your crown is waiting in heaven, but at the moment, it is missing a lot of jewels.

“I love you, dear~ May my love be enough?”

∴ ∴ ∴

Think about the testimonies you have told lately. Do they reflect your goodness or God’s? Is it necessary for you to share? Should you leave it for the Secret Place?

∴  ∴  ∴

small group
The person on the far right is Alexa, and this photo was taken during her Thursday night small group during a reflection time. Alexa is a Taiwanese teacher who found Jesus through teaching some of the first Aroma missionaries Mandarin. Praise God!

However, I do believe it is important to tell testimonies; we need to walk a balance. Watch your language when you are telling about a time you experienced God’s kingdom on earth. Out of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). If you find that you are needing to change your wording from the first thought you have, for example, changing, “I did this,” to, “God did this,” or, “I had the faith for it and healed everyone,” to, “God allowed me to be in the place to see a lot of healings;” or that you are desiring the accolades and praises of your listeners, just stop. You’re not doing it from a heart that is pure. Trust me, I’m the one to blame in not just a few cases throughout my life.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for me to always submit my testimonies first to God’s ear, then to others’
  • Please pray for humility to be the mark of your church in your neighborhood and city; that you would be known for unity and humility as Jesus was (See Philippians 2)

Hualien = Destination Home


I am a missionary with Envision:Taipei, which is a part of a world-wide network of sites based out of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Envision focuses on giving people who are interested in the mission field a chance to intern at a mission site for anywhere from one month to a year, to leadership positions lasting about four years. Right now I am doing a leadership “Residency” that will last two years here in Taipei, and last year I did a full year with the same group. Each year Envision:Taipei goes on a retreat for some R&R and get-away time, and this year we went to Hualien in the last weekend of April.

Hualien is a sprawling city on the east coast of Taiwan, with mountains and ocean and small-town feel. Our team was blessed with the opportunity to stay at a One Mission Society (OMS) missionary house–for free! But that was not the only blessing by far…

They had a trampoline! 🙂

18260943_10155315978700452_124259490_oNot only did we get to hike the beautiful Taroko Gorge with it’s waterfalls and river, but we got to spend a night out under the… (clouds, not stars, what do you do?), talking about life, playing yard games and Lightning (a basketball game), and otherwise basking in the availability of a whole three acres of grass under our feet and the songs of a thousand crickets out back. Living in Taipei, we Envisionaries do not often get the privilege to enjoy God’s gift of nature. I felt like God gave me a little piece of home that weekend.

Please Pray!

  • Praise God with me for a great time getting to deepen our relationships with the core Envision team right now.
  • Please pray for the wonderful hosts at the OMS house, Mark and Micheal, who will be going home for a home assignment this summer and will be facing re-entry shock and likely a lot of pressure from family and others who want to spend time with them.
  • Please pray for some rest and recuperation in your life– do you need some time off? Do you need to start actually resting on your Sabbath?

The Scenery of Forgiveness

If forgiveness were scenery, what would it look like? Would it look like a scary cave to you? A house far away on an impassible mountain range? A forest larger than you would care to venture into?

For me, this month, forgiveness has looked like a river I must cross, which has some provision on this side, but entire fields of fruit and sweet berries and tall pure wheat waiting on the other side, and Wisdom is calling me over a bridge that Jesus built. That wooden thing happens to be exactly in the shape of a cross, and it says, “I freely gave to you; freely give!”18260850_10155315976335452_1881361620_o

Tonight I swallowed my pride and asked one of my parents to forgive me for not coming under their authority in my life, basically ever, and for being hurtful often as I have been growing up. It tasted pretty good, that chat. I know that the plant is far from finished producing its fruit, and now I must go on to connect with my other parent.

Do you need to? If you ask yourself again, a little more pointedly, with a look into your self’s eyes, do you need to ask for forgiveness from your parents? Another person in authority? Your wife? Husband? Child? Friend? Do you need to ask someone for forgiveness?

Please Pray!

  • You probably know what you ought to pray.
  • Please pray that forgiveness and humility will bring my family back together.
my rainy bus stop
But sometimes it rains… Rainy days mean it takes me 45 minutes instead of 25 to get to school before 8 am

How’s the weather and other small talk that doesn’t get talked much between us

After those two deep subjects, I figured I should probably give you a break and talk about the weather…

Which by the way was beautifully cool and cloudy all day today! I gauge my comfort level by the amount of sweat drops I find on my face (ok,  not really, my face doesn’t sweat), and the amount of layers I can comfortably wear. Today I got to wear jeans for the entirety of the day and a light jacket was actually needed because of the wind. Successful day, I would say, Weatherman, good job. 😉

But lately it has been more like 89°F with 100% humidity and a slight breeze. So yeah. Summer, I think, is about here.


Other things:

  1. I like biking to school every day. I have to bike about 25-30 minutes, and I love it. Moreso if it is cool. Less so if it rains because then I cannot ride a bike.
  2. My classroom is on the 9th floor of a 10 storey building. Did you know that?
  3. Also, my first semester (or quarter, as it actually should be termed) is almost done. I finish on the 29th of May.
  4. I have been practicing cooking at home. Most of the time I just make something up because I do not yet have the smarts to actually plan a meal and shop for it, so sometimes my creations taste good and other times, well, oh well, it’s just me eating it anyway. 🙂 Come dine with me! I’ll make you some killer baked chicken! (Just don’t look at the pan afterwards, right Miki?)
  5. Please keep praying for wisdom for fundraising for me; I am going to prayerfully raise some more support this month. If you or someone you know would like to increase your giving, let me know!

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