Two Months and Counting!

I personally love it when you get to Tuesday and you can say, “Well, this week is over,” because you know how fast everything will seem as you go through each day. By the end of the week you are like, “Wow, it is going to happen all over again!”

what the buildings look like by Calebs
The view from Miki and Caleb’s balcony. The tin-roofed levels on the top of these buildings are technically illegal housing.

Seemingly in opposition to that, when people say, “Don’t you think this year/month is going by so fast?!” I always have this urge to respond with, “No, silly, it goes the same speed every year and you say the same thing to me every year…”

So. Yeah. Here are some things that have been driving my time on like a rabbit after a carrot:

My friend MoMo sold me her phone

My phone has been a pain in the side for over a year now: whenever I am in Taiwan it decides to shut itself off every few hours by itself for no reason; it has little storage capacity for pictures and helpful apps like Google Spreadsheets so I can see what my supporters have sent me each month or Messenger so I can communicate with my family; and the battery has gotten so bad that I have to charge it 3 or 4 times a day. I think it’s time I move on. But no fear, MoMo is here!

crazy hair
Can’t take a picture of the phone, but this is a picture with the phone 😉 (My crazy hair (see my FB post))

Last year she was going to ask me if I wanted to buy her new phone because someone gave her an iPhone, which she prefers to use for work. But at that time I was bragging about how I did not like to get something new if the old thing still worked, so she decided not to ask me and instead attempted to sell it. For a year.

This year, right when my charger quit working for some reason, she randomly asked me, “Hey, you wanna buy my phone?” So, thank you Jesus for keeping that phone for me for a whole year…

It had never been opened. It had never been used. Praise the Lord for provision and his timing!

I’m staying at Caleb and Miki’s house

For the time being at least, I am living at a couple’s home about 15 minutes by bike from the Aroma Cafe/Church (the church I am serving with Envision:Taipei in). I bike to school every weekday morning, using the Ubikes that the city of Taipei provides. It is like a library for bikes, and they have conveniently put a station right in front of Caleb’s alley. It takes me about 20-25 minutes to get to school every day.

normal building
A normal apartment building in Taipei. Caleb and Miki’s looks like this from the outside; we live on the fifth and sixth floors (2 lvl apt)

Caleb is a Canadian who came to Taiwan for Youth With A Mission (YWAM), and found that he could not leave a certain Taiwanese girl named Miki, and so they live happily ever after with two kids under three at the moment and host short-term teams and interns for the Aroma. Hence my current residence with them.

The remodeling at Aroma is definitely finished… except for the Prayer Room

A few people have asked if the remodeling is done at the Aroma since I posted pictures of the remodeling a month or so ago. Yes! We are done with most of it. But now I am on a remodeling committee for the prayer room in the basement to give it a little more life. We will be painting, changing lighting, hanging a whiteboard, and putting in new furniture and flooring… basically everything will be changing haha. Look for pictures in May, as that is our projected “breaking ground” time.

My Chinese class is an amazing opportunity to share Jesus

I am loving learning Chinese. Every week my vocabulary grows so much, and I wish that I could just eat it all in one big bite, but I guess I have to wait til the end of the semester to finish my book. 🙂

Coffee Talk friends
These aren’t my classmates; they’re my friends at Coffee Talk (Aroma’s weekly English discussion class). A lot of them are regulars, so pray they see a difference in us and get to know Christ!

God is blessing me with a platform to share about him in class, and the testimonies to go with it. I have already gotten to do two 10 minute presentations because we are on a daily rotation of telling stories in Chinese to the class. We can talk about whatever we want to. So yesterday I told them about how my knee got healed. 🙂

So is tutoring

I am also loving tutoring Emily, a coffee shop worker (from Aroma), and this Thursday I am beginning lessons with another Aroma barista, Angela. I love getting to teach them one on one because I get to see up close how God is working in their hearts. I get to watch him changing them over time through the interactions they have been having with people at the Aroma for months/years. Yay God!

My two tutorees 🙂 Pray for their family’s relationships, please~ Thank you!



Please Pray!

  • Please pray for my students above– pray for J. and C. that they would know how to honor their parents, and pray for their family to learn how to love and cherish each other more and more.
  • Please pray for my classmates and teacher to know Christ and him crucified for them.
  • Please pray for Jesse Wagner, our Envision site leader, as he enjoys a home stay in Minnesota for a couple of months. Pray that he gets rest and good support from the people at home, and that he can return refreshed, and hungry to share the Gospel.
  • Please pray for the United States– pray for our leaders, pray for our pastors, and pray for yourself… and then Get up and do something. “Ask not what our country can do for you:” you know the end of that quote. 🙂 Let’s be the force of good in our country!
  • Please pray for my friends Eva, MoMo, and Apple, and many other Taiwanese who are very busy with work. Pray that they can learn to rest when they need to, and to trust God to provide for them and honor them when they honor him.
  • Please pray for a new computer for me…. the one I am using now has about the same story as my previous phone did…
  • Praise God for his awesome love and guidance!

Keep the Faith, Expectantly!



2 thoughts on “Two Months and Counting!

  1. Yay Jesus for a new phone for Your Skye!! Wow Skye you must be gettin’ those legs of steel by now! and a strong heart… good for you hun! Woohoo on the testimonies in class.. that’s so super awesome!!
    You’re an awesome child of the King and I pray for our King to bring in MANY into His Kingdom of love, and where the burdens are light. I’m praying that everyone that the people of Aroma talk to, get saved…everyone. That God so rocks Taiwan that it’s crazy!! I pray that all your classmates and your teacher get saved and that God shows you how to reach each one for Christ. I believe He will do it!

    Love you! praying for all requests! ❤


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