I’m Moving Out!

So, yes, the week has arrived… in less than three days I will be hanging midair over an ocean of blue and white clouds, on my way to the “Land of the Cute,” A.K.A. Taiwan.


Departure day/time: Monday (our time), Jan 16th @ 8:30am CT.

Arrival day/time: Tuesday (Taiwan time), Jan 17th @ 8:35pm WhateverTimeTWUses

Two suitcases and a carry-on, baby.

Purpose: Above all, to be Christ to the nations and share about the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Beyond that, to serve for two years as a “resident” with Envision: Taipei, out of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA) in the district of Ximen in Taipei City.

Taipei is a city filled with people who are striving to learn the most, earn the most, and have the best of everything from joy to money to scooters so that their family will be taken care of when they are gone. This should-be noble goal is driving them to hard work and rarely any time to spend with family now. They are wishing for a way to break the cycle.

Taipei is a city filled with young people milling about with friends who are comparing themselves to models and everyone else around them. They are filled with a longing for a real love experience, but human as they are, are crestfallen when love does not work out the way they had hoped. They are looking for a different kind of love.

Taipei is filled with hundreds of back-pack pillows and drunken smiles, with street performers, hawkers, and gum-sellers. The merciful give their alms for something like merit and walk on by without another glance, but the hopeless live another day to ask for more. They are searching for a reason to be alive.

Please Pray!

  • Does this sound like your city? Please pray for your city or community to come to know the Lord. Now go and share the good news of Jesus Christ. You have prayed, “Let thy kingdom come,…” so how will it come today
  • Please pray for the work that the Lord is already doing through the CMA and other churches in Taiwan (see link for some quick info about the CMA in TW). There are 16 CMA workers in Taiwan and many others from other denominations who are sharing the gospel through teaching English as a second language (ESL) or through the 24 church sites around the country.

Other purposes: Aid in the training of Taiwanese nationals in the Aroma Church (link is to the Aroma’s Facebook page–check it out!) body to be disciplers of other believers, write worship music in English, and hopefully, the official Taiwan language of Mandarin Chinese.

I can’t wait for…

  1. Hot matcha lattes with MoMo Tseng and seeing familiar faces
  2. Learning how to be a discipler of disciplers haha
  3. Learning Chinese in the National Taiwan University’s language program in March
  4. Experiencing Taiwan minus the strain of teaching
  5. Playing my– MY– piano again ā¤
  6. Helping practice English with others in Coffee Talk
  7. God’s miracles, signs, and wonders to accompany those who believe!

Please Pray!

  • The transition will be hard for my family and I. Please pray for grace and love!
  • Please pray for Michael, and Jay, two other residents who are coming at the same time as I am; and Aimee, who is coming for a short-term internship of two months.
  • Please pray for all the numbers above– good, healing relationships, discipling, learning Mandarin, support, writing music, practicing English with CoffeeTalkers, and for miracles, signs, and wonders to testify to God’s good plan and salvation.
  • Please pray for a heart for sharing the gospel to those who live with you, work with you, and walk by you in the store.

Two Important Things this Year So Far:

Okay, maybe five: First, recording a new song with a dear friend and fellow musician, Joanna Johnson (link to the song to come soon) was a blast!

Recording a new song, Purify Me, with Joanna Johnson and Noah Wolf
Goofy face in the studio













Food at the Oasis Cafe in Stillwater, on the way home to MN (gotta party after all our hard work!)

Second, I don’t have a photo, sadly, but I have loved spending this time with my mom! She is super awesome and we have had a lot of good times praying and laughing and going hither and yon so I can meet with people. Thanks, mom!

Third, I got to spend a whole day with my brother, Sam. We went sledding and then I got to watch him practice with his band. Yay li’l bro!

Sam is the one on drums šŸ™‚

Fourth, I got to meet with my second family for a fun night at ChuckECheese (a.k.a. crazy land) to chat, eat pizza, and watch the little ones play the arcade games and go on rides. God has blessed me with so many siblings!

My little sisters and I šŸ™‚

And lastly, I have also loved spending time with my dad and Grandma. Dad took me to Powder Ridge to ski, so I got to have my Christmas wish come true! šŸ™‚ It was a blast!

Posing in front of the slopes

Hope your new year has been blessed. Cling to God and find out how to be hungry for him! Jesus said those that hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. Are you hungry and thirsty for righteousness? What does that mean?

Keep the Faith, Expectantly!




4 thoughts on “I’m Moving Out!

  1. Keep us posted as reminders to pray for your needs over there. May God richly bless you as you give yourself in service to Him. Love you much…Aunt Norma & Uncle Don

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