Pray for Visa!

15281910_10154804287930452_1486445428_nThis morning I just sent $160 and my passport into Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Chicago to continue my visa application process! Now all I have to do is wait…. and wait… and wait til it comes.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray that I receive a student visa to Taiwan with no delays, bumps, or mishaps. Please pray for my passport to be safe while in the mail… :/

Guess what? Someone donated $600 yesterday! Thanks! Now I am that much closer to my goal. 🙂

The Goal:

I need only about $1,800 pledged– that means about $75/month for the two years. That could look like

  • $25/month by three families/people/companies (one donor is doing a matching donation with their employer).
  • $75/month by one family/person/etc. (probably not your dog though)
  • 4 one-time gifts of about $500
The temple near the entrance to the Rauhe Night Market- places of darkness felt rather than known

If you’re feeling a pull to this and you see God’s work past present and future in my life, Envision, or the Aroma Church, do you want to be my supporter?

If you would like to begin a conversation about sponsoring me while I learn Mandarin, help train and equip Taiwanese believers to disciple other new believers in the Aroma Church, and evangelize to those I know, email me at or go to How To Support Skye.


A huge part of my God-assignment last year was teaching as much about Jesus as I could in between English classes as a ESL school in Muzha. This time it’s me who will be learning a second language! I’m going to National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Language Program beginning in March 2017! So excited to learn the heart language of the Taiwanese!


Two exciting things about this week:


–Ps, it’s 11:11 right as I’m typing this! Make a wish or just be reminded to pray to God! 🙂

For the first time in my life I got to celebrate my Thanksgiving with extended family in Iowa. It was a blessing and pure fun! Had too much turkey and two times of awesome, anointed prayer for my brothers and sisters. Praise Jesus for a good gift this Thanksgiving.


I don’t have a picture, but this week I have been able to come home each day and practice some guitar chords. Here is a phrase you probably have seen before: “I have a new song that I am hoping to record soon!” haha Sorry. I just don’t want to let the cat out of the bag before I can make a good “debut” on the market. Hold tight, the music’ll come, God willing.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for my Taiwanese friend, MoMo Tseng– it is her birthday today! Pray that God blesses her with favor in her church and in her community so that she can lead others to Christ. Pray that she will keep up hope and purity and stand strong for her family and friends who are unbelievers, and for those who are nominal Christians.
  • Please pray for the 95% of people in Taiwan who have not heard the gospel or do not have a personal relationship with Christ!~~
  • Please pray for encouragement for the coffee shop workers at The Aroma Cafe since they are starting a lot of new things in the procedures of how they do things and in management.
  • Please pray for the site leaders Chris and Jamie O’Dell (pastor and wife, respectively), site coordinator for Envision Jesse Wagner, and site associate Sarah Mabee. Pray that they know God’s love is stronger than anything- life or death or temptation or weariness. Pray that Sarah has a great time at home as she is visiting family this fall/winter.

Keep the Faith, Expectantly!




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