The Goal is In Sight!

As the year comes to a close, I am also coming to the close of my time in America,

Sundown over Lake George, St. Cloud MN

which is definitely a bitter-sweet road. In January (I’ll be calling to transfer my flight to January 16th on Monday–God gave me a miracle and Delta let me suspend my ticket for free until I needed it!) I will begin a two-year time in “The Land of the Cute,” or so I have dubbed it, AKA Taiwan. šŸ™‚

The beginning is in sight for ministry there, and another thing is in sight– my financial goal! I need only about $2,400 pledged– that means $100/month for the two years. That could look like

  • $25/month by four families/people/companies (one donor is doing a matching donation with their employer).
  • $50/month by two families/people/etc. (probably not your dog though)
  • 5 one-time gifts of $500
The temple near the entrance to the Rauhe Night Market- places of darkness felt rather than known

If you’re feeling a pull to this and you see God’s work past present and future in my life, Envision, and the Aroma Church, do you want to be my supporter?

If you would like to begin a conversation about sponsoring me while I learn Mandarin, help train and equip Taiwanese believers to disciple other new believers in the Aroma Church, and evangelize to those I know, email me at or go to How To Support Skye.


A huge part of my God-assignment last year was teaching as much about Jesus as I could in between English classes as a ESL school in Muzha. This time it’s me who will be learning a second language! I’m going to National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Language Program beginning in March 2017! So excited to learn the heart language of the Taiwanese!

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for wisdom in family relationships and friendships. I want to seek God with everything and point those dear to me to Jesus’ light.
  • Please pray for safety for your family and all those traveling for Thanksgiving next week.
  • Please pray for the kids in the classroom in which I am a preschool teacher’s assistant until I leave for Taiwan. Esp. pray for “J,” whose baby sister just passed away this week.
  • Please pray for the Aroma church- pray for continued deepening in relationship with God, and for true knowledge of Christ. Please pray for those who visit to feel welcomed, known, and seen by the Lord of All.
  • Please pray for Coffee Talk attenders- Coffee Talk is a weekly English fun and discussion night built on making friendships and pointing people to Christ through practicing English. Pray for those who come to feel the difference in those who are Christians and have the courage to ask why! šŸ™‚

Two exciting things from this week:


First snow in almost two years for this kid! (There’sĀ no snow in Taiwan, sadly.) Lovin’ Minnesota more and more! haha


The majority of my Saturday (today) was spent in a closet recording studio, creating magic with Jonathan Ouedraogo— check out his site! My music will be coming when it’s ready!

Keep the Faith, Expectantly!




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