Movies and Our Purity–My Poll: Your Advice/Opinion Wanted

God has been working on my heart for months with this question:

How do I choose which movies to watch? How can I glorify God with everything I do, including what I choose for entertainment?remotecontrol

After hours of thinking on my own, I have decided that I would like to open this up to discussion. Well, not really discussion, just giving you a place to voice your stance. 

What I mean is, please do not turn this into a boxing ring. I just want your advice, and to give you a voice. And I want every kind of view there is, because I want to let the Lord do a work in us all. Please, comment below and answer these questions (as well as the two above, if you would like):

  1. How do you decide what you allow your children to watch on TV and for movies (any visual entertainment)?
  2. How do you decide what you (and your spouse if you have one) watch (again, for any visual entertainment)?

I will re-post this blog for about a week on Facebook to get as many answers as possible, then look for another blog post soon about what we see and how God has been leading in prayer. God bless you for your time and consideration to these matters! They are important!videos

Lord, I pray that you would help us to each take a humble look (no pun intended) at what we watch. Please guide us as we live for you, and surrender everything up to your control, knowing that you are wiser than we are. Help us to be unified in Christ and in obedience to you. Bless your people in the movie industry and all of us who are viewers to do your work with purity and holiness. Amen

Keep the Faith… and post a comment! 😉




11 thoughts on “Movies and Our Purity–My Poll: Your Advice/Opinion Wanted

  1. my folks use this as a teaching tool. they would poss the movie when ever something Questionable came up. and then say something like “you know kids, if you don’t hear your parents say something, you don’t say it.” or “sex is not ok outside of marrige. …. does that help?

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  2. I usually check out the rating and reviews before watching something. Plugged in online is a great source for movie reviews from a Christian perspective. They tell you what sort of content is in the movie, both good and bad. I avoid movies with nudity and lots of swearing. Since I got older, I really don’t like movies with lots of gore. One thing one of my fiddle teachers said a ways back really made me think about it. He asked something to the effect of “why do we have a problem with seeing nudity and sex on screen but don’t have a problem watching people tear each other apart?” I wonder how Isaiah 33:15 might shape how we discuss this? I admit that there are a few war movies that I do enjoy. I’m not sure where the line is for me. I don’t so much enjoy the bloody battle scenes, but the characters heroic actions. Another thing I look for in movies is characters with strong morals. I don’t like ones where you can’t tell a difference between the good and the bad. I can’t stand wishy-washy morals.

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  3. First, everything that we watch as a family is family friendly meaning no crude language or sexual innuendos/sex in general. For example I have never seen SpongeBob in my entire life because when my I was young my mom believed it was inappropriate for young minds. Although I am the only Christian in my family I know that my parents live by this motto: If it goes into your mind it goes into your heart. And what’s in your heart is what you live out for other people to see. Hope that helps!

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  4. As a kid we used to go by the rating, but that doesn’t really mean anything anymore. Now I try to look at reviews online or at least find out the general theme of the movie before deciding if I want to watch. Also, if I know a specific actor in the movie is known for their questionable role-choices, I prefer not to watch it.

    We also have a general 2-time rule. If we see or hear two things that are not honoring to God, we will pause it and decide if it is a thing that will pass (such as an angry scene with swearing or something can be fast forwarded, but it’s the only “bad” part in the movie) or if we think it would be an ongoing problem we turn the movie off. If a movie starts with a sex scene (or an implied sex scene), crude jokes, or extreme swearing, I usually turn it right off just because I know that if that’s what they’re trying to get my attention with, it will probably be a running theme in the show.

    Also as kids especially, but also now, my family stayed away from things that normalized evil-beliefs or things that could open demonic doors. For that reason we never watched stuff like Harry Potter, Pocahontas, Lion King, etc. Again, if it was just something that could be fast forwarded (like the spirit part in Mulan) it was generally ok.

    I think the most important thing that my parents did with us growing up is they explained the reasoning behind their decisions for what we should and shouldn’t watch. They also taught us to think critically about if what we were using for entertainment would be good for us and pleasing to the LORD. They never simply said, “no, we don’t watch that”, it always came with an explanation and a discussion. That has helped me as an adult choose what to watch or not, and has made me more aware of why things are hurtful for my spirit, not just that they are “bad”.

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  5. So, choosing appropriate movies is a big thing for us in our house. There are few movies we go to, really only animated movies, that we do not read through the review on Plugged in movies. If we are wanting to watch a movie at our house, we’ve now created an account with VidAngel and we’ll pay the one dollar to support such a great organization while also getting to watch a clean version of the movie we’ve been wanting to watch but previously avoided because of the inappropriate stuff.
    We mainly avoid nudity, gore, excessive language and always any sort of horror movies. I’ve talked to far too many people who have had brushes with the demonic realm who have said the encounters are “just like the movies,” and that’s not what I want to spend my time thinking on.
    Those are the things that go into me and my families choice of movies.

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  6. I think it depends highly on the person (although then again I believe there are some movies that obviously should not be watched at all) because everyone has their own struggles. I can honestly watch most violence/gore and not be tempted in any way, but give me a romantic comedy (even one without sex) and I’m immediately tempted to compare myself, become upset, etc. It’s a boundary that I’ve chosen to live by. However, my mom can watch all of them and not be tempted into anything but violence/gore does not sit well with her. Growing up, my parents were definitely involved in what I watched, but one thing that frustrated me was how they always went along with what other people were saying was bad, without actually screening it themselves. I don’t want to do that to my kids, unless it’s blatantly obvious they shouldn’t watch it. I think you need to take in the age/spiritual level of children. I also think as a family, especially with older kids such as teenagers, open up to them about your personal boundaries and why they are set. It will make them realize they’re not the only ones “restricted” even when the world isn’t and they’re tempted to fit in.
    Last but not least, pray about it. For example, most anything rated R is an immediate no in my life based on a prayerful conviction. If I’m considering watching a rated R movie I definitely look into the whys behind the rating and then make my decision.

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  7. We disconnected TV almost 13 years ago with NO regrets for ours or our children’s sakes! Personally, I find sitting down for a two hour movie a waste of time unless it has educational value or a strong spiritual message that I can grow from. But, since I live with six movie lovers ages 3-45, we have had many discussions on what we watch. Here are a few of our family filters:
    1.Would we feel uncomfortable if Jesus was sitting on the couch with us? (Because He is there!)
    2.Does the movie portray good as good and evil as evil (according to Biblical good and evil)?
    3.Three strikes, it’s off! Strikes include swearing, using God’s name, sexual content, extreme gore. Obviously, this eliminates all rated R, with very rare exceptions.

    As our three older girls have come into teen years, we have given them much more freedom to discern and be listening for Holy Spirit’s guidance. We ask them to look up all movies on “Plugged In” before going , buying, or renting- even the Disney rated PG ones to get a Christian perspective, then discern if it’s worth the time and money to see and support. I feel they have handled this freedom well for the most part. As a family, we have had many after- movie discussions- for good and bad content! Always open to teachable moments while they are still under our roof!

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