Mom of 17?! Only 150!

When I learned that my furlough would be stretched until January of 2017, I knew I would need to find a job. Within a week of applying to different places around my hometown of St. Cloud, I got a call from the company I had presumed to be a daycare center next to my house. Long story short, it is actually a preschool, and they hired me as a teacher’s assistant in the afternoons.

When you are the assistant teacher at a preschool with a class of 17, life feels more like I woke up one day with five more than a dozen offspring who need a lot of training, attention, and love. The first week I took a nap after work every day.

I know God gave me this job–It is a one-minute walk from my back door, 12-5:30pm so I can pray and do a lot in the morning before work, and I still have evenings to do language studies in the evenings.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for these kids: M, J, H, J. They have behavior problems that stem from not feeling accepted and needing a friend, aside from also having a lot of energy.
  • Please pray for a better classroom management plan be put into place, and soon. Pray for wisdom in the decisions that are made for directing the children’s time and attention.
  • Please pray for me to have enduring love and patience, and to lead by example.

But why am I home?

Am I not supposed to be in Taiwan right now?

My brother, Sam, and I hanging out at dad’s. We’ve had a couple hard discussions about me being gone.

No, and here is why: Relationships. God is showing me some things that I did not want to see about myself in how I do relationships, and he is giving me the time and space to stop, pray, and change. When I am forced to look at my shortcomings in communication, my naivety and misplaced good intentions, it is a little overwhelming.


On October 13-16th, I will be going to Envision’s training weekend in CO Springs with all of the other soon-to-be two year residents and one year interns. In their briefing email that was sent, they directed us to be praying about the weekend training in this way:

Lord, do whatever you need to do IN me, so that you can do whatever you want to do THROUGH me!

As I talk with God, process, and repent, this quote rings in my mind and drives me forward. Lord, take me, mold me, shape me, lead me. Teach me so that I can lead others into the throne room of God.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for me to openly and honestly look at my heart and turn away from everything that doesn‘t glorify God.
  • Please pray that I would come out of this time with a deep understanding of how to be a good friend, a good daughter and person in my family, and a good leader.
  • Please pray for healing in relationships, and grace from a dear friend. I want to be a light of Christ.

Some Funny Left-Overs From Taiwan

When you live overseas for an extended period of time, some of the culture attaches itself to you like a hidden barnacle on your sea voyage home.

For instance: Red pens.

In Taiwan, you have to be careful which color you use to write people’s names with. Black, blue, pink, or even pea green are just fine. But do not use red. If you write a name in red, it is considered as a curse, or a wish that the person die. Pretty serious, I know! 14409123_10154579859670452_1166413841_n

So now, even though I am far from my Taipei apartment or the whiteboard markers with a seating assignment to dole out, I just can not bring myself to use a red pen to write someone’s name. It can’t be done! I laugh at myself every time, but that does not move me to return to my old ways. 🙂

For instance: Hand motions.

Found these awesome pillows at Walmart a few weeks ago- definitely something Taiwanese people would be all over.

When you beckon someone in Taiwan, you can not do it palm up, fingers curling in. You can keep the finger curling thing, but for Chen’s sake, flip your hand over and do it palm down. Would not want anyone getting the wrong idea about you– you could possibly make a too-deep friendship or a disgusted enemy pretty quickly if you get what I mean.

Also, to say no, many people shake their hand down in front of them. I still do that every time.

For instance: I miss milk tea.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray that I find some milk tea! Haha 😉 jk

Only $150!

I am only $150 per month away from my budget goal of a little under $1,000/month for my two-year residency in Taiwan! I am so thankful to all of you who are praying for me!! Thanks to those who have pledged to support me already. You are awesome! I cannot wait to see what God does with that in the next couple of years.

I am: Going to work as a “Resident,” a two-year term at the Aroma Church and Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan.

I am: As far as I know going to be working with the discipling of new Christians and taking what the Aroma already has for the discipleship ministry and seeing if I can add anything or build on the foundations teachings for future newborns and maturing Christians. So exciting!!!!

I need: To raise money for a Skye-tailored budget that is about $990/month which covers rent, food, utilities, insurance, travel expenses, ministry allowance, and other startup/living expenses.

I have: About $835/month– only $150 to go! 🙂 Can you help me and spread the word? I would love to meet with you or talk on the phone to help you understand more about what I am doing so you can tell people with more understanding too. My contact information is always on the right of the screen.

Please Pray!

  • I have some new info from the Aroma about the building: They are not going to continue looking for a new place at the moment, but are staying in the current location indefinitely. Please pray for wisdom in using this small space for church services, English learning nights, and meetings.
  • Please pray for unity within the body of Christ in Taiwan and the world. Separated we are nothing but lifeless limbs and members!!
  • Please pray for the victims of the terrorist attack that just happened this Saturday at the Crossroads Mall, just a 15-minute drive from my mom’s apartment. Praise God for sending an off-duty officer there who was able to respond quickly when he just happened to be there shopping!

In troubled times, remember that Jesus promises two things: division because of his name, and peace that passes understanding for those who live for him. Pray for faith and commitment for the day comes that you are challenged in your faith. The challenge may come in your family; it may come in your workplace; it may come in your mall. Be ready. Where does your true fielty lie?

Keep the Faith!



Spent some time with my Timber Bay family and friends and worked in the kitchen last week.
Got to reconnect with Suzi, a friend who worked with me a couple years ago at Timber Bay Camp. 😉
Before my grandma went to visit my aunt, I got to spend some pretty fun precious time with her and the family.
Mom and I went to Munsinger Gardens and found some wild landscapes…
Literally. Here I am on my throne. Bow to me!
This weekend I spent the morning with these wonderful ladies. Therese Langevin, on the far right is my first prayer warrior, and she has been praying for me since the beginning. She spoke on ‘vision’ yesterday, and from that God told me to keep writing music and that my dreams are not too big. Radios across the world, here we come! Please pray for T., the third in from the left–she needs encouragement and hope. Hope springs eternal!

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  1. So good Skye! Can’t wait to see you in a month!!!!


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    Date: Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 10:16 PM
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    skyebirdonthefly posted: “When I learned that my furlough would be stretched until January of 2017, I knew I would need to find a job. Within a week of applying to different places around my hometown of St. Cloud, I got a call from the company I had presumed to be a daycare center”


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