Cut-off Day Financial Update

The following update is from my “How To Support Skye” page, which you can find at the top of the website.

worship team meeting at mcd's
Aroma Church’s worship team members having a serious meeting at McDonalds after practice one night 😉

I spoke with Jesse Wagner this morning on Skype (wonderful technology, choir singing ahhs now), and he encouraged me to wait on going and to keep fundraising. The Envision leaders there in Taipei say I am welcome to come whenever I should have the funds raised, be it this week, October, or January.

I want to be open and honest with everyone, so I want to say that at this point I am still seeking God about visiting for a couple weeks. I have belongings there that are being stored that I may need (incl. winter wear, bedding, etc) if I stay here for the winter. I would also like to be able to meet with the leaders and discuss the needs and resources for taking what the Aroma has and going farther with the discipleship ministries they have. I would also like to visit friends and have some closure with saying goodbye in the right way– “God be with you, and I will be back if God wills” instead of the way I had put it, “I’ll be back in a month! See you.”

However: I can do all these things through Skype/other things. Not going means I will lose about $1,000 from the plane ticket, but if that is what God directs me to do, I will. Just a general note to everybody alive: Don’t buy a round trip ticket if you don’t know when you’ll be returning, ok? Just don’t do it. haha *life-hack*

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for wisdom!
  • Please pray for generous people to join my ministry team by supporting me, and pray that I do my fundraising in a godly, righteous, humble way.
  • Please pray for my left shoulder and arm, and that I would be able to see a doctor for it soon because it has been very uncomfortable this past week due to some kind of injury.

Financial Update:

Jo, Natha, Finley, Me Aug 2016.jpg
This summer I have loved getting to meet new people like Finley, my friends son, and see old friends again, like Maranatha (L) and Joanna (R).

Updated August 16th, 2016:

I am beginning a new chapter in Taiwan this summer: a 2-year commitment to Envision: Taiwan, which is in Aroma Church/Cafe in Taipei City, Taiwan, and I am seriously thinking of long-term missionary service. To find out more, see the About page that you can find at the top.

Before I leave for service, I will need to have 20% of the first year in my Envision account, and 100% pledged for the 2 years.

Q: How much do you already have raised? 

$300+/mo* of $987 monthly gifts needed by Aug 15th to know if I could keep the departure date of the 21st. *The exact amount has not shown on my account yet due to processing. I have been talking to many people over the weekend, and know that there will be more showing soon!! (Perhaps up to $400/mo or more!)

$3,577 of $2,800 special gifts needed by Aug 15th. Thank you, everyone!!! Extra gifts above the goal will be distributed over the 24 months just like a monthly gift.

Q: When are you leaving?

A: I am leaving on August 21st, 2016, God willing. If I do not raise my funds at that point, I will go as soon as I can get the money raised and feel released to go.

Unless A Seed

I posted this on Facebook, but I wanted to re-post it here because of its beauty and significance to me at this time of life:

 The Lord gave this to me at the perfect time, just by chance. I was listening to random Chinese worship and liked the sound of this one, so I decided to look up what it meant. And… Wow. Here’s what the lyrics mean:
Unless A Seed by Lin Wanrong (林婉容), translated by Steven Ngai (CCLI# 7021934 )

Unless a seed consents to fall into the field,

My Coffee Talk team had won first place in the life-sized ‘Where’s Waldo’ competition and here we are proudly sporting our gift certificates for a free muffin and drink 🙂

Though all time can pass in waiting,
The seed remains alone;
If it consents to be used up, its life to yield
For the new life it’s creating,
Soon a harvest is grown!

It’s my desire, Lord, I desire,
To be a seed that falls into the field,
Giving up my life to live anew!

It’s my desire, Lord, I desire:
All of my rights and my pride, I will yield
To obey Your word and follow You.

Lord, as is Your calling,
All of me I’m giving;
Like a seed I’m falling,
For Your glory living!


一粒麥子 它若不落在地裡死了
不論過了多少時候 它仍舊是它自己
它若願意 讓自己被掩埋被用盡
就必結出許多子粒 經歷生命的奇蹟

主 我願意 主 我願意
主 我願意 主 我願意

呼召如此崇高 種子何等渺小
定睛標竿直跑 必見神的榮耀

 Until the day I return, Lord, and everyday after, let me be this seed. My will for yours, not just yours for mine.





One thought on “Cut-off Day Financial Update

  1. Hey Skye,
    Wow. I’m sure this was really tough for you. But I’m proud of you for surrendering to the Lord regardless.
    We’re praying for you and we’ll definitely stay tuned to how God leads in the coming weeks!
    Blessings to you,


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    skyebirdonthefly posted: “The following update is from my “How To Support Skye” page, which you can find at the top of the website. I spoke with Jesse Wagner this morning on Skype (wonderful technology, choir singing ahhs now), and he encouraged me to wait on going and to keep “

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