Family of 5 Killed Instantly / Update

Note: There are no pictures in this blog. Five lives were lost and gained. Also, there is an update at the end of this blog about my finances.

As I type this blog, I am watching the news story of the family from Minnesota that was killed on the road by a semi-driver… The mom, the dad, two toddlers and an infant… all dead. Gone. A whole family, just not here. Let me ask you: If it happened to you, would you be ready to meet the Lord on his judgment throne? Do you have the pardon of Jesus Christ?


Every time something like this happens, people sober up. They say, ‘hey, life is short!’ But let me ask you another question: How long will it take for this to wander out of your mind? When will you forget about this family? When will you return to life as it was before your mind checked, before your steps faltered? Will it be long?


This family of five was made up of missionaries who were doing the same thing I am. They were saying their last goodbyes to family and wrapping up the last duties here before they planned to head to Japan to tell the greatest story ever told, the good news that we can join Heaven now, in fact. We do not have to wait. To say yes to Jesus now is to be pardoned and cross from death to life in an instant, and to have Christ himself, which is the beautiful end of our search for life and meaning, for he is both. Do you know him?


You know, that could have been me. I am ready. I can say without a single doubt or hesitation that I have no regrets, I am Christ’s. I am with him now and I will be when this shell of a body is dead. I am happy with what I have done in my life, but not proud—like Paul the Apostle, if I boast, let me only boast in Christ. He is why I live the way I do.


Judgment day, now or later.

I am ready.

I have no regrets.

Let me only boast in Christ.


God spoke through the prophet Isaiah during a volatile time in Israel’s history, saying, “The righteous perishes, and no man lays it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come” (Is. 57:1). Please know, I do not pretend to know God’s reason for allowing them to die in that moment. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. This family’s testimony is this: They were ready to meet the Lord. Are you?


Update: I am waiting for reports of my funding but I am adding up my own records and have something like the following numbers:

Pledges: $300/month for two years out of $987/month needed by August 21st.

One-Time Gifts: $2,250/$2,800 needed by August 21st.

I am excitedly recording your prayer requests to be praying during this term. I cannot wait to see what God will do for and through us! Keep them coming!

It’s Good to…

sit on the porch and read the Bible as the sun rises over the trees

talk with the neighbors about how big the pumpkins are getting and where they got their tattoos

go to Panera with my mom

see my little sisters growing up into amazing women of God

laugh with Sam and make up goofy improv lyrics to a song

see. so. many. stars. everywhere…

pick weeds from a garden

watch baseball with my dad and grandma

hear the sled dogs bark and howl their nightly “thank you” song after we feed them

indulge myself and howl with them, like old times


I miss…

language exchanges with friends

chatting with Chen Jie

speaking Chinese

being able to walk to the nearest anything

playing piano for worship team

riding the MRT to new places to meet MoMo or someone

playing Ultimate Frisbee on Monday


Please Pray!

  • Please pray for the parents and loved ones of that family of five that are now in heaven with the one they were going to travel the world for
  • Please continue to pray for me as I raise funds for returning. I still need a little more than $700/month for the two years, so pray for bold and generous people to give, and I ask if this is something you feel you can do, please contact me. My email is
  • Please praise God with me!! My mom got some much-needed relief today from an issue she has been dealing with for 7 years! Thank you Jesus! And thank you to Eva and Apple for praying, and all those who have prayed for her over the years. Praise God.
  • Please pray for all those who are supporting me. They are partnering with me to share the gospel in a dark place that desperately needs to hear of the Savior we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Please pray for your heart. Are you ready to meet Jesus, right now, if your time was up?


My favorite verse: I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live. The life I now live in the body I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20


Keep the Faith! Or join it!






3 thoughts on “Family of 5 Killed Instantly / Update

  1. Nice Skye! Wow. Powerful. And I’ve been pondering on that Galatians verse too!


    From: SkyeBirdOnTheFly
    Reply-To: SkyeBirdOnTheFly
    Date: Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 6:24 AM
    To: Sarah Bourns
    Subject: [New post] Family of 5 Killed Instantly / Update

    skyebirdonthefly posted: “Note: There are no pictures in this blog. Five lives were lost and gained. Also, there is an update at the end of this blog about my finances. As I type this blog, I am watching the news story of the family from Minnesota that was killed on the road by a”


  2. Thanks for laying it all out there honestly, Skye. I love the heart you have to chase after the things on God’s heart. Love you lots!


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