New Departure Date and Why I Want to Serve with Envision

Update: Before August 21st, I will need to have 20% of the first year in my Envision account, and 100% pledged for the 2 years.

Q: How much do you have already?

 $250/mo of $987 monthly gifts needed by Aug 21st.

This week I got to see my dear friend, Joanna Johnson and watch her pick out a brand new violin and bow (she's a performer and teacher)
This week I got to see my dear friend, Joanna Johnson and watch her pick out a brand new violin and bow (she’s a performer and teacher)

A2: $2025 of $2,800 one-time gifts needed by Aug 21st.

Q: When are you leaving?

A: Originally, my flight was scheduled for Aug. 4th, but with some wise council from Sarah Bourns, 😉 I made the decision to stay until Aug. 21st.

To give, go to and click ‘Give’ in the upper right-hand corner. Instructions are on my page “How To Support Skye.”

Why Envision? Why Now?

This week I sent an email to the national HQ of Envision. They had asked me to write down exactly why I want to serve with them, and Sarah Bourns, who takes care of the interns/residents, suggested I pass this on to my supporters:

Many people would shake their heads and laugh (not appreciated), saying, “I told you so,” or “See, you really did follow that path of normal culture shock. We knew it would turn around for you.”

Well, I did too, but I expected the turn around to be more like okay now it is at least livable here…

     But the thing is, God really knows what he is doing, and he in fact made it more than just “okay,” he showed me the fruit of it and made it “desirable.”

Chen Jie-- My friend from NeiJiang Street. She fixes shoes and talks to me in Chinese (doesn't know any English). She's like my Taiwanese mom :)
Chen Jie– My friend from NeiJiang Street. She fixes shoes and talks to me in Chinese (doesn’t know any English). She’s like my Taiwanese mom 🙂

     When you ask me why I would like to serve in Taiwan as a resident, these are the things that honestly come to mind: Chen Jie, discipleship, and music. Chen Jie was one of the best influences on me wanting to learn more Chinese. In the beginning of my year as an intern in Taipei (7/15-7/16), I did not want to learn Chinese. I did not think I would really need it and I felt powerless to learn since I was surrounded by so many English speakers. But getting to know Chen Jie changed that. Chen Jie speaks no English, and God asked me to pray for her. So. There is a definite problem with me not knowing Chinese in that equation. Just being willing to learn Chinese and asking many questions about the language brought me further into the culture and gave me more opportunities to make meaningful relationships. (By the end of the year, I was able to sit in Chen Jie’s shop and chat with her on a fairly okay level; I also was able to tutor her son.)

     Many of those relationships happened to be with people who were very hungry for God. They have a lot of desire, but not many teachers. Many of them are themselves considered leaders or ‘elders’ in the church, but are not actually much older than me physically, and spiritually have only been a Christian for at the most 5 years. I was increasingly growing aware over the past year of the need for discipleship in the Aroma church, which was voiced by several people. I was able to do some one-on-one Bible study and praying with a couple of young women, and that honestly gave me a sense of purpose that I have never felt before outside of making music. I loved it! I want to do more! I also want to help encourage everyone in the church to live life with prayer constantly on their minds, which I hope to do in and out of a discipleship relationship.

Alexa, my Chinese teacher, worship band leader, and good friend
Alexa, my Chinese teacher, worship band leader, and good friend, Christian for about 5 years

     Lastly, through some of the encounters I have had with Taiwanese friends, and being on the worship team, I have gotten back something I lost a bit of when I first started teaching: the desire to write music. Writing and creating music with “Aromans” would not be my main focus as a Resident, but it is definitely something I plan on pursuing. I also feel God calling me back to doing my own personal writing and hopefully, not only the church’s music, but also some of mine, can get published.

     Now, these are the things that I feel called to “do” (learn the language to connect more people to Jesus, disciple new and growing believers, encourage prayer, and create and record music), but also realize the Kingdom is not just about “doing” things. It is about a lifestyle. I believe the next two years would be a training ground for me to work long-term with the CMA or another missions organization either domestically or in an overseas location. Which, I cannot tell you, but God knows. Right now I want to partner with Envision: Taiwan to help the believers there find more intimacy with God and a desire to go out and preach the Good News too. I also want to step into more of a leadership role and let God mold me and shape me in that area to be able to serve that long-term thing we call living life as a Christian, wherever God may call me.

If you have any questions or comments, I would welcome them!

In Christ,

Skye Bonati


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