New Update on How To Pray For Skye

Hello all!

I have written an update for the page called How to Pray for Skye. On it you will find prayer requests that I have for the month of July/Aug. Thank you for your support, without which I would be a soldier without backup agents.

The prayer requests on How To Pray For Skye are ongoing requests, so you can pray for these all month long. In each blog post that I write, there are additional requests that come up throughout the week and praise reports from God’s work in my life.

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Keep the Faith!


PS, Praise God! Someone mailed me a check for $1,000 today!! 🙂  I am $1,000 closer to getting my 30% raised for the Residency with Envision:Taiwan!

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. 🙂 Psalm 23:1, so true in my life.


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