Good News! (and what I did today)

Hello all! I have some pretty good news that I have been having a hard time waiting to tell you! This week has been super busy, but tonight I have some time to write.

Last week sometime, I found out that I actually had about 1200 USD in my Envision account from my donors who have been giving to me over the last 6-8 months (maybe more?). For some reason, I had no idea I had that much in the account! So, that means I will be able to buy my plane ticket for traveling back to MN for the month of July.

Just for July?

Yes. If you missed it earlier, I am going to study Chinese for the next year or so at a college here that have Chinese as a Foreign Language classes.

Also: Another important development:

I am going to apply for a residency with Envision (  What does that mean? That means that I may be here for up to another 2 years. I am going to ask if I can count my past year as the first year of the residency, which is only a 2-year term, and see what the leaders say. But I have prayed about it and I know that I need to surrender my time to God, so if they say I can’t, then I will stay for the full two years. This will be a time that I step into more of a leadership role in the Aroma community somewhere (I am thinking probably music? discipleship? prayer?) and have more responsibilities in the Envision side of things.

I do not plan on working an actual job, but I do want to do some tutoring. That way I can have some money coming in and I can reach out to kids/adults on a one-on-one basis and show them Christ. I am SUPER excited for this opportunity because I want to see if any of my present students’ parents are interested in me tutoring their children. If I can, I would love to do that so much!!!

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for my students. Pray that God opens their hearts this last month of me teaching them.
  • Please pray for my 6th graders’ parents. Pray that they would want to have their kids prepare for junior high school and that they would trust me to teach them well.
  • Please pray for my 1st graders, especially a little girl named Anna. My co-teacher often speaks unkindly to her and is specially hard on her for some reason. Please pray for resiliency and forgiveness, as well as love for Anna. Pray for more times for me to speak Truth into her life.

Honestly, I have no idea what God is doing with my life. But it is exciting to follow him, trusting him one day, month, year at a time!

Keep the Faith!



(What I did today):

Today I got up and prayed. It is so hard to not let things (even the process of getting ready for the day) detract from my time with God!! I need prayer for my prayer times. X)

I did a little bit of exercise by climbing the stairs in our building (I live on the 5th floor; there are 18) and went up to the roof.

I cried because I feel like I do not want to stay here, and I do not want to go to America… the life of an in-betweener is now mine. Living overseas does that to everybody. But it also is nice, in a sad way, because it is teaching me how to live for Heaven and not for an earthly home.

I prepared lessons for my kids and made a hamburger for lunch. Minus the mayonnaise because that is hard to come by, plus mustard and doritos in a bagel. 🙂 My kind of hamburger–minus the mayonnaise lacking, you understand. Talked with Justin a little when he came home about 20 minutes before I left.

Left for school about 12:45 and prayed for Taipei as I waited for the subway. Took the MRT from Ximen, road that for about 10 minutes and texted MoMo and a couple other people, got off at another station named Gongguan and walked to the center median to catch a bus going 20 more minutes toward my school. Read the Bible til I got to school.

Taught first grade: we reviewed clothes and rooms in a house and how to talk about them. Please pray for my students. Pray that they are taught to love.

Taught sixth grade: we reviewed how to use the words make/let/have and how to tell people what someone else said to you at a previous time. We also reviewed vocabulary and made a picture dictionary for about 120 words they have to know for their test next week.

6:30 I was done with 6th grade and got to talk with my students a small bit. Went upstairs to grade some stuff for 1st grade— Had a really sweet time with Anna and Sophie; especially Anna. I asked her to help me grade the papers, so she read the answers for me and put stickers on students’ books. Got to tell her how proud I am of her. Afterward, I sat down with both of them and said: Do you know you are loved? (I don’t know, they said.) Do you know you are smart? (I don’t know, they said.) Do you know how proud I am of you? (Anna said yes, Sophie said I don’t know.) Oh, well now you can know that you are! I said. 🙂 It was so cute!!!

Rode the bus and the MRT happily back to Ximen; listened to a sermon by Louie Giglio. Met up with Sweetie (she is about to become an important figure in my life story, I think we shall find), a Taiwanese missionary who has been to Uganda and Kenya, and got dinner. It was spicy, cold veggies and chicken. Pretty good food. Amazing talk about how life is as a missionary. Prayed for a house of prayer for the fall (we might live together this next year)!

Came back home and graded some papers, now doing this. Going to bed 🙂 goodnight/good morning!

Me and my 1st graders :) <3
Me and my 1st graders 🙂 ❤




2 thoughts on “Good News! (and what I did today)

  1. Skye, do you know you are loved? Do you know you are smart? And do you know how proud I am of you??? If you had any hesitancy in any answer, KNOW that you are and that I AM! One more thing you will have to pray about… if you stay more than another year, Pray for your mother! I will be praying for you and this dilemma of being in-between here and there, as well as all the others, but that’s gotta be very hard for you. Truly our Home is Heaven, and this is one thing most of us don’t get a real clear picture of while on Earth, I think. I love you dearly!!!!
    Those kids are adorable btw!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I really do know 🙂

      I am praying! Yes, this world is not our own, but it is also possible to have two homes. I love and cherish people in the States, and now I’m coming to love and cherish people here too. God will lead me where he deems best, and I will follow wherever that may be. Thanks for your prayers!!

      Love, Skye


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