Exciting News to Wait For!!

Last Tuesday, MoMo and I recorded my second music video, and it should appear soon! This is only possible because of a cool lady named Sarah Mabee. She let me and Mo use her apartment when she was at work, and with the peace and quiet of her apartment, away from the construction that never seems to end at my own, MoMo and I got some great shots. I continue to be amazed at what MoMo can do with a camera and her creativity, and I cannot wait to show you guys the new video. Stay tuned!

The most rewarding part was conversation and getting to know a friend better. I thank God for leading me to this country to meet her!


Please Pray!

  • Please pray that God can use this new song (“How Long Do You Love Someone?”) to bring healing and resolve to people who are wondering how long to love someone they know.
  • Please pray for time for me and my friends around me. Many of us are busy and work is hard.
  • Praise God! He has given me good friends who teach me how to rest. Thank God for two very special friends, Eva and MoMo.
  • Please pray for another intern with Envision named Rachel, who will be returning home in a few short weeks for a hiatus and to listen for God’s direction for the coming years. She will need prayer especially for reentry into the States and for the emotions of leaving/coming not to cloud her judgment or block her listening. Pray for God’s favor and rest to be on her.
  • Pray for Aroma to find a great building in the best location possible. We have been looking for a new place for quite some time, and the lease end-date looms nearer and nearer. (Aug.)

God is Good, the devil is a liar, and prayer still changes things! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Keep the Faith!



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