Pictures No. 2: Skye and Eva go to Maokong

It is a Saturday evening after dinner, and I am sitting in my kitchen listening to “Our Father” by Bethel because tomorrow I will be playing piano for the worship team. I have some exciting news! ::

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for my friend Chen Jie: She is planning on coming to church tomorrow to watch me play piano! I think that this is no ‘concert’ for her– I genuinely think she is interested in Jesus but is too afraid to admit it right now. Please, please pray that God touches her heart tomorrow with the worship, the message, and the people of God.
  • Please pray for your church right now!! You never know when someone new is coming to ‘check out’ things, when in reality, they are coming with searching hearts, looking for eternity! This is where YOU matter most! Your witness of Jesus tells people if they have found what they are looking for… what every heart needs. Don’t let your guard down and forget to love your brothers and sisters in Christ or brush off a newcomer! They will know we are Christians by our love.


Today is my resting day, so I:

slept in til 9

hurried to the Aroma Cafe at 10 to pray and worship with Sandra, Alexa, and Sarah Mabee

forgot my sandwich when I was leaving Aroma, and therefore was late to Chinese lessons with Alexa that are held in my house

learned how to say birthday person and cut the first piece of cake and blow out a candle and … “I can play the guitar, but I can only play a little bit” (shòu xing1) (qie1 dì yi1 dao1) (chui1 dà zhú) (Wô kêyî tán ji1ta1, dànshì bú tài hâo.) 1 represents first tone, for those who know/care/are wondering… haha

walked to Chen Jie’s shop (take a right out of the apartment door, walk two blocks, on the right), where we were supposed to meet to go to the Aroma and get coffee. Her husband had to go out of the shop though, so she couldn’t leave the shop

came back home and took a beautiful nap for two hours

made chicken “for one” in our new oven

cleaned up

got on here…

Tonight I will:

watch a movie with Eva, Howard, Sam, and Alfie at Sam’s house

Skype Lacey

sleep 🙂




The sunset over the Tamsui River, a mere 10 minutes from my house via bike. I love biking at sunset along the river *wistful sigh*
The sunset over the Tamsui River, a mere 10 minutes from my house via bike. I love biking at sunset along the river *wistful sigh*
Eva and I went for a hike (more of a walk) on a place called Maokong and we got to ride in a gondola up the side of the mountain. This is what the majority of Taiwan looks like if it’s not covered in cityscape.
Eva in the gondola–she was a little scared of the bumpy ride, but we had fun. This was way back before winter break I think. This is where we started to get to know each other first.
The city of Taipei from a distance… so many people, so much territory for God to bless. Pray for “workers in the fields”!



After walking along the mountainside, we got some food and talked about what we want to do in the future…
A typical food shop is open-air and seat-yourself style


Taiwan is a large producer of Oolong tea, and the mountain of Maokong is one place where it is grown. The terraces were beautiful!
Instead of tree bark, they use peanut shells for their mulch! Haha
On the way down, the gondola provided us with an amazing view of Taipei at night–like a mirror of stars


Please Pray!

  • Please pray for the country of Taiwan. I can feel that the Lord is preparing their hearts for his kingdom.
  • Please pray for willing Christians to speak out their faith and that each new Christian would get a good foundation on Christ to start, but to go on to get ‘solid food’ and keep growing in their ministry and faith! Sadly, many churches are characterized by little growth… much like America. Pray for your own church too! Don’t get comfortable.
  • Please pray for me to rest. You could say I’m addicted to living… I get up early and go to bed late and although it is a good life for me, I don’t want to get sick or something. Don’t worry, I’m not burning out; just want to stay healthy and honor God with rest.

Keep the Faith!

I’ll say it again: Don’t get comfortable! Someone here said that if God wanted us to be comfortable, he wouldn’t have called himself the comforter so many times. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (James 4:8).

雅各书 4:8 Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB): 你们接近上帝,上帝就必接近你们。有罪的人啊,洗净你们的手吧!三心二意的人啊,洁净你们的心吧!



2 thoughts on “Pictures No. 2: Skye and Eva go to Maokong

  1. Beautiful pictures Skye! So good to ride the gondola & see there’s a country of beauty. Not just buildings & city. And to get a proper perspective…up higher to see it all. So glad to hear for what you’re sensing in the Spirit in the country! Praying with you about what you requested! Love you!! So very thankful for our Comforter ❤ 🙂


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