Everyday Life 6: Thursdays

Shortest blog post of the week… okay go!

It is almost 1 am and this is what I did this Thursday during my winter break from teaching 1st and 6th grade English in Taipei City, Taiwan:

I woke up at Miki and Caleb’s house and prayed for a couple hours. Then I went to the Aroma Cafe to join the prayer group. This morning we were to ask God how we can use our spiritual gifts to encourage/help people this week.

Got on the MRT and took the subway to Taipei Arena Station to meet Alexa for a language exchange. Had my first hard food after getting my wisdom tooth pulled. Talked about some deep stuff, learned Chinese, helped correct written English (I had her write her testimony), prayed, and parted ways.

Went to my school via MRT and bus and had an amazingly good conversation with my co-teacher, Jennifer. Got some books that I’ll be teaching this semester.

Felt led by God to go to a cafe that is close to my school. Talked with the owner (we’re on friend kind of level), learned some things to pray for him for.

Please pray! (For him.)

  • Please pray for David and his family. He is very upset about how Taiwanese are very cutthroat with each other and are pretty greedy.
  • Pray for him to see God and accept Christ’s invitation to eternal life.
  • Pray for him to start leading others in righteous living in the business world.

Went home. Kind of sort of did some language study/lesson plan prep/other random stuff. Watched Jurassic World. Am sitting here now. The end.

Important people of the day:


Corry, my sister (got to talk with her this morning and it made my day! Love ya, C!)

House family in Caleb and Miki’s house and my home in Neijiang Flat (me, Michael, Andrea, Justin, Brittany, and Nathan).

What God taught me today: PRAISE TAKES OVER A SPIRIT OF HEAVINESS. If you are lonely, anxious, or doubting, praise God. Turn on the International House of Prayer KC’s 24/7 worship stream…that definitely helps! Also, keep taking things one step at a time. Why am I learning Chinese? I don’t know. Why do I care about learning? I don’t know. But I feel it is what God is directing me to do, so I’m going to do it. For some reason, I am learning. And for some reason, I also do care. So, onward.

Optical illusion at the Taipei Arena MRT station: the subway car is actually the part that sticks out from the wall.
Today was a rainy day again. Outside Taipei Arena Station
You are infinitely valuable and unconditionally loved! Don’t forget it!


Keep the Faith! Praise God!




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