Everyday Life 4: Mondays and Teeth

RIP tooth, no one is going to miss you…

In an effort to show a little of my day-to-day life, tonight I am letting you in on what a Monday day is like for me here in Taiwan. I am on break from school now until February 15th, so it is not an accurate picture of life during school but I will do another edition of Everyday Life when the time comes.

Today I woke up (yes, cold) at 8:30 to pray and went to the Aroma Cafe at 10 for the daily prayer time in the prayer room in Aroma’s basement. Two cool things: I got to ride my bike! Yes! God answered my prayer for a free bike, a cool black Giant brand mountain bike. Jaime H, who works on marketing and HR stuff at the Aroma is letting me borrow it while I am here. Praise God. Second thing is that the leader for prayer had us write down all the answers to prayer that we have had in the past six months, and it was a really cool time to reflect on God’s love, wisdom, and timing. Here are some of the things I wrote down (“You” is, of course, God):

You brought me to Taiwan and provided for me with support from family and friends and a job at just the right time.

You’re taking care of my mom too 🙂

Dad and Chris are still together

You’ve given me a friend–and more than one

You’ve helped me get through the whole 1st semester of school

My students had better scores the 2nd big test

You brought Corry back to CO

I’m getting to disciple people even without a formal “discipleship” relationship

You gave me a piano and a bike!

You’ve given a friend insight and understanding and protected her family

It was also really cool to see the answers of the other people who were there.


After the prayer meeting, I came back after buying some hot chocolate from the Aroma, and worked on “office work” on the computer. I made a power-point slide for adding some more structured prayer in the services at Aroma and sent it to a friend to translate it. It is interesting how translation and interpretation works.

I then went on a 20 minute bike-ride to get warm and use my bike a little, and went to the dentist office. I was given a piece of paper with three prescriptions on them last week– two for pain killers during the week, and one for a pre-procedure pain killer to ensure that there would be no pain during the procedure. What was the procedure? Well, I finally got my third wisdom tooth pulled. It finally came in enough for me to be able to get it pulled instead of surgically removed, and now that I am in Taiwan, I paid $4.48 USD ($150 NTD or New Taiwan Dollars) for them to remove the blasted thing. Good riddance. Two things about healthcare here that are true across the board: 1. No one likes pain. They will do anything to avoid it. 2. It is cheap. No wonder they are so dependent on it–it is so easy to come by. Any time people have the slightest cough here, they are like “I have to go to the Doctor today!” I guess it makes money somewhere…

So back to the prescription– I never actually got the medicine because I did not need it, but I thought I might get the pre-procedure stuff just to be sure I was not in for crazy pain if they did not plan on drugging me enough or something. But, because no one spoke English the message was not able to be communicated and I just left. I

I spent 3:30-4:15 pm working on Chinese learning and then went back over to the dentist’s, which is about a 7-minute’s walk down my street. The dentist was in and he explained that the assistants had thought I was in pain when I went earlier–poor ladies! They probably all thought I was suffering for a week! X) Luckily the dentist speaks English, so I was able to reassure him this was not the case. Thirty minutes after I had walked in, I was walking back toward my house and stopping at the pharmacy (3-minute’s walk from my house) for pain meds and anti-bacterial stuff. Bam. Done.

Since then, I have been nursing my left side and watching a funny Taiwanese drama called Two Fathers with Brittany and Kennedy.

And here I am again, writing to you, and being sucked into watching the highlights of the Broncos/Patriots game because of Justin and Michael.

Important people of the day:

Brittany all bundled up on the couch tonight, working on some Photoshop stuff for Aroma.
Alexa, my friend from Aroma

Please Pray!

  • Please join me in praying for Alexa’s family! She put this on her Facebook tonight:

    “Please keep praying for my family!!!! My Dad was curious to know God and wanted me to share with him more tonight, so I did immediately!!!! But when my Mom heard what I told to my Dad, she became very angry and start to accuse me that I forget the Chinese culture or Confucianism…
    But no matter what I’m facing now, I know His grace is enough and more than I need!!!! And He is with me, reigns everything!!!! Keep praying!!!! Jiayou!!!!”


Goodnight all!

Keep the Faith!




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