Everyday Life 3: Sundays

Today I accidentally crashed a party without knowing it… Let me tell you about my day!

In an effort to let my daily schedule be more well-understood, I am writing a daily log of my everyday life for a week. Today I am on the third day: Sunday.


This morning I woke up (feeling freezing cold if I got out of the covers at all) at 8:30 to pray and then mopped the floor at 10:30. Justin made yummy smelling banana and chocolate chip pancakes, and we all gathered in the kitchen.

Our kitchen table (it’s night time now, so it’s a little dark)

At around noon, I put on a sweatshirt, Corry’s coat, and hat and scarf and headed to the Aroma Cafe to meet a friend before our worship team small group. Today it was cold enough that it snowed in several places in Taiwan! (Not here, sadly.) Some of the interns went hiking to a mountain called Yanmingshan Mountain and got to play in the inch or two on the ground. I would have gone with but they left at 6 am… Yeah….

Becca on the Mountain

Church small group started at 1 pm in the prayer room in the basement of the Aroma, and went til 3 pm, and Alexa spoke her heart about worship and spiritual battle. There is an account about Israel’s King Jehoshaphat who went into battle against another army. God had him put the worshipers in front of the army to praise God before the soldiers, the first line of offense, so to speak. We are praying for the Aroma Church to be able to go deeper in prayer and for revival in Taiwan, and we sensed that the worshipers might be the ones going ahead of the Army of God in Taiwan.

From 3-4, we practiced for church worship and then from 4:30-6 was the first service on the second floor of Aroma. Our church service is bilingual, so we have a pastor and an interpreter who speak each week. I try to catch words here and there that I remember when they say the Chinese, which can be kind of fun! It can also be very tiring, so I do not try too hard. šŸ™‚

After the first service, Eva and Alfie (one of my language exchange partners) came and we went to a noodles shop for dinner. Second service was from 7-8:30. Afterward I helped clean up and went back home around 9:30. Before I left, everyone else from my house had already been home for a while, so I asked in a group text if everyone had already celebrated Justin’s birthday without me… apparently he did not know we were going to do something for him tonight. Oops. Party crashed.

Ah well. Happy birthday Justin! šŸ™‚ Eva and I looked at some pictures and talked about names and jobs and such.

Now I am writing this blog and Andrea, Michael, Sam (a fellow American), and Lucas (a classmate from Crown who found his way out to the same city randomly) are playing Monopoly Deal in the living room. It is super cold in here!!!

L>R: Sam, Andrea, Lucas, and Michael XD
Me– Writing my blog! šŸ™‚

And that was my day. Goodnight!

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for Aroma to press in to worshiping God. Worship takes humility, and humility is the first thing God wants us to do. “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sins and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14
  • Please pray for Rachel, one of the interns here. She lost her uncle and is having a hard time being away from family during this time.
  • Please pray for Eva to be encouraged by God right now. Pray for her to do well and to trust God to provide for her, and that God would give her the strength she needs. Please pray for grace and favor for her so she doesn’t worry about making mistakes.
  • Please pray for your family today!

Keep the Faith!



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