Everyday Life 2: Saturdays

Today was a whirlwind of craziness and getting lost, and — My Goodness! — could it get any colder??

As a part of showing my friends, family, and other passers-by what day-to-day life is like in Taiwan for me as an Envision intern missionary (C&MA), this is the second captain’s log of the week’s activities. Unfortunately, I have begun this during the beginning of my winter break, so it is not an accurate picture of my school-year day, but that just means I will have to do another edition when school “kicks back into gear”! (For Momo, that means “gets started again” πŸ˜‰


Today I woke up around 8 to shower and get ready for a meeting at 9 am. Yes! I love having meetings on Saturday mornings at 9 am! (Sarcasm only a small, tiny bit, because I did actually enjoy it. πŸ™‚ ) All of the Envision people here in Taiwan met together to do an overview of what our goals, visions, and rules are. I would love to bore you with the details but this is a captain’s log, not the meeting’s minutes, so, sorry, no can do. The best part was worshiping God before we started, and singing together.

Our meeting went over time, which is normal for meetings here, meaning that my Chinese class with Alexa was about an hour late. This is Alexa, our teacher (the same one I had a language exchange with on Thursday):


Alexa Laoshi (teacher Alexa)
Alexa Laoshi (teacher Alexa)

Today it was me, Michael, and Rachel because Justin and Brittany were still in Hong Kong getting Kennedy her visa stuff figured out. Here is a picture of me and Michael from last week when we went on a trip to Costco (wonderful place to get American food!)


Awkward smiles everyone!


L>R: Alisha, Rachel, Andrea, Me, Front: Becca
L>R: Alisha, Rachel, Andrea, Me, Front: Becca

Rachel is in there, second in on the left. This is a picture of all the girl interns for Envision. Don’t know what Envision is? Check out their website! (Last night we had a small sleep-over.)

Today’s Chinese lesson was focused on speaking, so we talked about what we had done, what we had just been doing, and what we planned on doing. We ended on talking about what we would like prayer for. Wo keyi wei ni daogao ma? means Can I pray for you?

After that, I booked it (“went quickly,” Momo) to meet a friend at an MRT (subway) station about half an hour away and had beef noodles (niu rou mien). I went with her to see where she works, saw an amazing fish tank at the department store we were in, and got turned around when I tried to get back to the station on my own. Of course. Why would I not?

Found my way back to Ximen station and then took a bus to Caleb and Miki’s house for Caleb’s birthday party. I was glad to be in a place where I could sing to Jesus again, because I was feeling pretty homesick all day today for some reason. I had fun at the party because in the lack of drums, they gave Alexa and me a Tuperware dish to bang on.

Afterwards, I took a bus home after walking in the FREEZING COLD RAIN! You have NO idea how cold it is right now. It is literally 45 degrees Fahrenheit and there are no heaters here. And I am the one who gets cold in the summer when it is 90 degrees out…. = this is a recipe for disaster. Plus, it has been raining every day for at least two weeks. I think the sky broke. Good thing God said he would not flood the earth again…

To end the day, I chatted with Eva and Momo and prayed with Alexa about learning to discern God’s voice. There is what a Saturday can look like here!

Today God taught me: God provides encouragement after you realize you need it, not before. God has people placed specifically in our lives for the season we are in: to help us grow up in him. Worship is FUN!

“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

Β Β Β Β  ~Jeremiah 29:13

Important people of the week:

A friend I met at Ultimate Frisbee, Apple and me
A friend I met at Ultimate Frisbee, Apple and me


Momo, my first language exchange partner (from November or so), and my friend. She is a Christian :)
Momo, my first language exchange partner (from November or so), and my friend. She is a Christian πŸ™‚


Me and someone I tutor every other Saturday
Me and someone I tutor every other Saturday


Eva and me when we went to Songshan to see the mountains last Saturday
Eva and me when we went to Songshan to see the mountains last Saturday


The prayer room in Aroma Cafe's basement-- this is a worship team meeting last Sunday
The prayer room in Aroma Cafe’s basement– this is a worship team meeting last Sunday


Look for picture of my other daily adventures coming soon! I will be putting them on the Photos page and a separate blog. Goodnight/good morning all!Β  πŸ™‚

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for health during the cold weeks here. Pray for the worship leaders especially, since tomorrow is Sunday and some of them are sick.
  • Please pray for the Holy Spirit to have the freedom to work in our Aroma Church–meaning, pray for people to come humbly before God and seek his face!
  • Please pray for Momo as she travels this week. Pray for all Taiwanese as they get ready to celebrate Chinese New Year. Many people will be returning home or going to other places on their vacation. Pray for safe travel.
  • Please pray for spiritual awakening in Taiwan! I have been praying for Taiwan each day when I go on the MRT. Pray for all Christians to pray for their country and humbly seek God’s will and that God’s kingdom would move mightily here. I want more people to boldly lead others in worship and prayer!!
  • Please pray for your own country!

Keep the Faith!




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