Faithfulness til the End

God is ever faithful. Give God praise today for his love in your life!

New Year: What does it hold? Who knows? But I do know this: The God who was faithful to me every year in my life til now will be the same God who continues to preserve me and let his life shine through all that I experience.

Here are some pictures from Christmas I wanted to share with you before I move on to talking about what this year might hold. That will have to be another day. Here are some endings.

🙂 Praise God for a family here for me!

Kennedy’s school was decorated with an interesting contraption that made me question whether Santa really comes down through the chimney like the songs say…
Smile for Christmas! The BEST time of year!
The interns went to a special fancy dinner to celebrate Christmas together. We had a giant buffet of great food and games, and a stocking stuffed with goodies given by Jesse Wagner, the Envision Intern Coordinator.
Third in from the right and standing next to me is my greatest Taiwanese friend, Eva, who went with me to a Baptist church in Tucheng (about half an hour from Ximen), where I gave my first ever sermon! I gave my testimony and talked about how much God wants his family to come back to him. The pastors (2nd and 3rd in from the left) were very welcoming and gracious.
Here’s a little snippet of our language class with our Taiwanese teacher, Alexa. We learn new words and phrases each Saturday at 11.
Taiwan felt the Star Wars craze in some fun ways. I was tempted to buy this Star Wars themed eye-liner just for the packaging… 🙂 Probably what they wanted.
cutting shot Christmas
The best part about Christmas was telling the Christmas story to ears that had never heard the Gospel before- 18 children in my first grade class, and 15 more curious pairs of ears in 6th grade.
making Christmas things for class
Here I am making my props for the story-telling. May God bless the hearing of his life story!


Christmas Eve I helped make cookies and then we had a big gift exchange with the church family at Aroma.
Afterwards, Jesse and my roomie, Andrea, led us in Christmas-carol-learning, and then we went out to the streets of the shopping district called Ximen where we live to sing to the crowds of people. We had a lot of onlookers and audience-members!
Alexa, our Chinese teacher was there! She also leads worship at Aroma and is a cool friend. 🙂
We opened presents as a family (we being me, Justin, Brittany, Kennedy, Andrea, and Michael). Kennedy was pretty excited as her and her dad Justin picked out gifts to open.
Brittany made some good food for Christmas brunch– we had tacos and rice, green bean casserole, and some amazing caramel rolls. 🙂
Kennedy is a joy to have at home! A bundle of laughter and hilarious maxims, and a curious bent to organize everything!
Andrea hard at work preparing food for the brunch.


I have been ending these rather shortly lately, but I do not have time to add much more, so my apologies for another quick ending. I hope you look back and see God’s faithfulness in your year. I can see him in mine. He is a rock I can stand on when everything else crumbles.

Thank you, Lord, for your lovingkindness and your faithfulness. Lead me to the cross daily and help me to look towards you in everything. God help me and my brothers and sisters in Christ to obey you and trust your amazing faithfulness and mercy to keep sustaining us throughout every thing that comes before us. Amen


Keep the Faith, okay guys? Cheers to 2016!




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