A Christmas in Taiwan

Instead of typing everything out all over again, I’ve copied and pasted an email I wrote to a family I know in the states, whom you may or may not know. This tells all about my Christmas in Taiwan and the cool ways God blessed me here over the holiday. God is our ever-present help in time of need!
PS- I’ll send pictures later!

Hey Everybody Plemel!

I got your package exactly on Christmas Day 🙂

Thank you so much for all the love and cards and food and toothpaste and decorations, and on and on… Thank you!! 😀 Wore the shirt to bed last night- pretty cool!

Say thanks to Gma Sheila too, and the Danielsons. I feel so loved by all who pray for me and the Envision team and such.

Today is Saturday and I’m taking a Sabbath day rest. Yesterday was quite the busy day. I got up and went to the grocery store to buy stuff for making a green bean casserole and made that when I got home in a tiny little toaster oven. 🙂 We opened presents together like a family around 10. We had a white elephant and a regular gift exchange, and then I also got your package and something from Joanna too (my violin-playing friend). It was fun to give and watch others open their gifts (and fun to receive too). Then we ate around11:30 and had a lazy afternoon watching Elf and Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. For the evening I hung out with the other interns Rachel, Becca, Michael, Michael, and Alisha (yes, there are two Michaels), Sarah Maybee and Van from the worship team at Chris and Jamie O’Dell’s house. Miki and Caleb were there too with their little guy Zephaniah. Him and the O’Dell’s boy Enoch are both 2 or younger and they are super cute. Enoch was sick, so he was less animated than usual, but he was still crashing his cars and playing with his new toys.

It was a little hard all day to be thinking about home, and honestly, all the gifts I could get cannot replace actually being with you, but God blessed me with being able to talk to Karen and Charlie (my college parents) last night, and my really good Taiwanese friend Eva came over to spend time with me.

You should have seen Charlie and Karen and me! For some reason, the audio wasn’t working for me, so they had to write everything on a piece of paper and put it up to the screen for me to read! They could hear me, but they had to either write everything, or shake their heads or nod. 🙂 It was pretty funny… and fun!

Eva and I read the account of Jesus’ birth in both Luke and Matthew after I made some (leftover tacos and green bean casserole) dinner for her. She has only been a Christian since March or April, and it was really cool to read it with her. I love seeing the fresh belief of a new believer. Eva has become a really precious friend to me. She always prays for me and sits by me for Coffee Talk on Friday nights and church on Sunday if we can. She stayed til around 11 and then she had to travel home (probably about an hour from my house in Ximen). She actually lives near the same bus stop I get off at for my teaching job at Sunshine School.

This morning I got to talk to my dad, grandma Bonati, and Sam, so that was cool. Hoping to talk to you all very soon.

One thought on “A Christmas in Taiwan

  1. Glad you were able to make the green bean casserole. How did it turn out? We had it with ham, potatoes, carrots, 7 layer salad, rolls, and pumpkin pie. We’re still eating leftovers. 🙂 Please pray for my famil . Both our mom’s have water in their basements from the rain which is causing floods throughout Missouri. Kenny, in Fenton, is pretty much surrounded by water. Praying they are able to join us at Kim’s tomorrow. Love you Skye.

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