Checking In Shortly

I have to go to bed, but here are some things I did this week:

God gave me time to play piano a lot.

I got to play with Kennedy and spend some quality time with my house-mates, which I have been praying for.

Coffee talk was all about Christmas this week, so I got to lead a discussion about and teach the carol Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! It was really neat to be able to so blatantly share the gospel through our traditional songs.

Saturday night I spoke “as a missionary” at my friend Momo’s church about half an hour away by MRT (the subway) from Ximen where I live. I spoke about God being the real Father Christmas and how great a gift Jesus was. I also tied it into how much God wants his family to return to him and my own testimony. Afterwards I was able to pray with a university student who is wanting to dedicate her life to Jesus but hoping her family will do it with her.

Please Pray!

  • Pray for Fancy to have the courage she needs to share the gospel with her Buddhist parents. Pray that she will be brave enough to follow Jesus even if she has to do it alone.
  • Pray for Momo’s church to spread the Gospel. They are quite stagnant and their gatherings are very small.
  • Pray for Justin and Brittany as they intentionally begin practicing a weekly Sabbath. Pray for grace and dedication.
  • Praise God for his Son Jesus, who came as the greatest gift ever given!! 🙂
  • Merry Christmas, all! Pray that I would stay connected to the Vine this Christmas.
  • Pray for good communication between me and people who are involved in what my future holds. Sorry I am being so cryptic.

Today was Sunday and I played for the worship team and wrote out all my lesson plans for the week. I get to have Thursday and Friday off for Christmas Eve and Christmas! I am so excited.

Something else is coming that is really, really cool.

Wait for it…

There are only three weeks of the semester left after Christmas! On January 16th, a month-long break will be here and I will not have to go back to work full-time until Feb. 15th. Please pray for wisdom in whether or not to take on hours for the winter camps or not. I do not really want to work, but who does?

February 18th will mark the half way point for me. Six full-to-the-brim months will have gone by, and I am sure that it will feel like a lifetime. It already has.


Keep the Faith! May God’s glory shine on you today! Sing to Jesus!




3 thoughts on “Checking In Shortly

  1. I am so excited for you, Skye. I am so proud of you, too, for boldly sharing your testimony and witnessing for the Lord. 🙂


  2. Wonderful work you are doing….speaking your testimony of the goodness of God in your life, all the teaching you do in school – being a light, a presence of “Christ in you” to all. Prayed the requests above. Shalom! to you and all you are with this Christmas….and may all of you have a joyous New Year! With love,


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