I Bought a Piano!

Today my friend Eva took me to a piano shop and I bought my own Yamaha keyboard. 88 keys and 3 pedals. Awesome.

Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

I thank God for Eva.

Here are some more things I thank God for after this week:


2. On Friday, I asked God for opportunities to talk about Jesus in class. Then, in sixth grade, one of my students was reading a book in class. Another student asked, “Is that a Bible?” (It was, in fact, a copy of the first Harry Potter book, but you know… Harry Potter, Bible, what’s the difference?) Another student then asked, “What’s a Bible?” and voila. My opportunity lands right in my lap.

My boss also had her last day on Friday. She is having a baby soon, and she will be taking the time off for a couple months (they really take care of new moms here). I asked her if I could pray for her, and she welcomed it enthusiastically. “Please pray,” she said, and I got to pray for her in front of my other boss and some other people.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray that I have more opportunities to share about Jesus in class, especially since Christmas is right around the corner.
  • Please pray for my boss, Diana to have a good time being a mom and a safe pregnancy (not in that order). Also that her replacement does well on the job and is able to handle everything that she’ll have to do.
  • Please pray for my students: both first grade and sixth grade have a big test this week. Pray that they’d study well and that they’d pass their tests with better scores than last time.

I also got to pray for my friend Chen Jie the other day in her shop because she said she had a headache. I do not remember if I have said anything about her, but Chen Jie is a cobbler (like a real-live shoe fixer person haha). She has an open air garage shop on my street, Neijiang Street, (which is how I would explain 99% of the shops here in Taiwan) and I always say hi to her and the lady who has a rice/noodles shop next door as I walk past. Once God told me to pray for her, and since then I decided to say hi to her every time I pass her. After a while, she started asking me where I am going or where I am from and I try to answer her in my broken Chinese since she does not speak any English. Sometimes she asks me something and I have no idea what she is saying, so I just stand there and say “Wo bu ci dao,” which means “I don’t know,” or shrug and smile. She shrugs and smiles and says, “Bubye!” and continues fixing shoes.

I tutored her son Eddie tonight, and I do every other Saturday at 9:30 pm (late, I know). It is really fun and I like playing games with him and hearing about how his day went. He always brings his friend with him, Kevin, and the two of them poke each other and talk quickly in low, intense Chinese voices between each other when they are trying to figure out an answer. They are about 14 and I enjoy making them translate for me and Chen Jie. I prayed for Eddie tonight and invited him to church. My friend Howard sometimes translates for me and he always asks Chen Jie to go to church but she says she is busy (which is true) and apologizes.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for more occasions and more opportunities for me to pray for Chen Jie and her son, and even the lady next door (I don’t know her name).
  • Please pray for Eddie and his mother to be able to come to church. And his father too. Pray that God would touch their hearts and help them to see his salvation.
  • Please pray for the Lord’s provision for Eddie to study more and for his future. Pray for Kevin, who wants to be a Chinese or science teacher.
  • Please pray for me to meet new people and for my Chinese to get better. I have been learning more recently and I am able to use that in conversation. Pray for motivation to study.
Eva and I today out and about. We also went to a pretty university campus and walked around their lake.
Eva and I today out and about. We also went to a pretty university campus and walked around their lake.

God is good. There are many blessings during my week, and although my feelings often get the best of me, God brings something good along with the hard stuff. For instance, a friend named Eva and a new piano. Next item on the list: guitar. Then a clarinet… then a flute… haha. Just kidding. I don’t think I could stay in the good graces of my flat mates if I had my own band stand in the living room.

  • Thank you for praying. Please continue to pray protection over me. Pray that I would declare the Gospel boldly like I should. Pray that “free time” would become just that: “free time.” Not “homesick time.”
  • Praise God for Kennedy, Justin and Brittany’s daughter. She was my blessing today.
These kind people were nice enough to pose for me.


At the college, they were having a cos-play event (dress up like your favorite game/anime character and take pictures).
At the college, they were having a cos-play event (dress up like your favorite game/anime character and take pictures day).
The BBQ place I get the next morning’s breakfast at at night.
Pick your own amazingness for breakfast 🙂

Keep the Faith! It’s worth it!





5 thoughts on “I Bought a Piano!

  1. What a gorgeous piano!!! God is so good!!! Prayed your prayer requests above! Love reading about all the people you have met and prayed for. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Skye, how exciting! A piano! I am very happy for you. I will print this and post at church. I love you. Merry Christmas. Keep shining for the Lord! 🙂


  3. Hi Skye. Glad for you! Do you get my comments I make on your blog? Hope so. 🙂 I pray your Sunday goes well. Enjoy your day. I printed this blog page and will post at church tomorrow. Good night/good day. 🙂 Karen


  4. I feel like singing the hallelujah chorus! You got to tell those children about the Bible…AND a new piano!? Super awesome Skye!!! I am sooo happy for you, and really pray that your ‘free time’ will be really ‘free from sadness time’. You are so in my heart and mind always, and this Christmas is a ‘first’ I am not enjoying, but I am thankful beyond words that God is with you..our Emmanuel! I am so thankful for your connections and will pray for you to speak Chinese enough to enjoy talking to them and be able to tell them that there is a God in heaven who loves them deeply. I am so proud of you Skye babe! You are keeping the faith too, and pushing through… you’re a water walker with Jesus ;). I am so happy to know that you are playing piano in your home…sooo thankful!!! I’ve been praying about that issue, and now the Lord has given. Yea God! Thank You Lord! I know you will be so happy and enjoy practicing. You’ve got things to do with that!
    I ❤ you miss you! We need to skype soon, but now I have to open a new account for it since Computer Renaissance switched me back to Windows 7. I guess my trouble was that I had downloaded Windows 10, and it's full of problems for lots of people.


    1. Mom,
      I am glad you’re getting your computer figured out! Thanks for the prayers and for your happiness with me. Yeah, I am super happy to have a piano now. It is such a stress-reliever sometimes to just go and play. So relaxing and fun. I love playing the music Lacey sent me. 🙂
      Talk to you soon! Merry Christmas!


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