BBQ, AKA “Answer to Prayer”

God has not let me come here without answering prayers. Here are four that you have had a hand in….

  1. Lacey has been praying for me to find a way to eat well here. Unfortunately, I have a rather bad way of dealing with stress and not liking the food here as much as I would like: I do not eat enough. However, this week, God answered our prayers that I would find a healthy fix to this problem, and it came in the form of a BBQ place on Kunming. Kunming is a block from my house, and there is a little place that has lamb and chicken (among various other, stranger seafood things) shish-kabobs that you can pick from. Then they BBQ them right there for you and you can walk away with dinner, or in my case, breakfast for the next morning. I found out tonight that they are not open on Sundays, however, so that is a little disappointing.
  2. My paycheck came on Friday, and I think I have enough money now to get a keyboard! I am excited, and I would like prayer for that– please pray for wisdom in choosing a keyboard that could potentially be a blessing to The Aroma Church as well.
  3. Joanna, my friend, prayed that my 6th grade class would go well on Friday, and it did! Every Friday we have a reading day, where the students go through chapter from a book (Nicholas Nickleby, very abridged) and answer some questions about it. But I have made it a reading competition day, and Nicholas Nickleby is the 2nd book for the semester, so I changed up the competition. Last week was the first time and it went pretty rough, so I was praying that it would go much better this week. And guess what? It did! Please pray that it would continue to go well. The students have to write a summary of the chapter and that the kids would learn how to write well and comprehend the book’s content.
  4. I have been asking God for musical opportunities, and they are coming. I am on the worship team, so I get to play for two Sundays out of the month. This weekend there was also a Thanksgiving Day meal and worship night, so I was in a band that played about 10 songs or so yesterday (Saturday). Then today (Sunday the 22nd) I was on the worship team for church and played for the two services we had today. In another two weeks I am going to be playing piano for a wedding for someone in the church. Please pray for that! I have a big responsibility.


Thank you for your prayers! Please pray for all missionaries that you know! We need you so much!

Keep the Faith!

Me, Van, Sarah, and Alexa playing/singing for the Thanksgiving Dinner/Worship Night evening this past Saturday
Me, Van, Sarah, and Alexa playing/singing for the Thanksgiving Dinner/Worship Night evening this past Saturday





3 thoughts on “BBQ, AKA “Answer to Prayer”

  1. You look great behind that keyboard Skye!! πŸ™‚ can’t wait to hear you in February!!! Hallelujah for the opps to play for Jesus!! May they keep rolling in. Amen. You all look like a great team!
    Thank the Lord for BBQ’s… but mostly for mentor Lacey with all her prayers and suggestions!! It sounds like a great way to get you eating well again, babe. We are definitely going to have to do that BBQ! ( the lamb is what my mouth’s watering for already)
    I wish you could get behind a baby grande, but so thankful you are going to get a keyboard. Still praying πŸ˜‰
    Thanks Joanna, and everyone for prayers for Skye! Any and all encouraging words for her would be so greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚
    Love you sooooo much!! ❀ ❀


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