Mile-Marker #1: Ten Weeks= 1/2 a Semester

Update: Tenth week of school done… Pray for me today, and especially tonight before you go to sleep. I am still in need of 2  people or families who would be willing to support me  with $25 a month until next August. Three people have already emailed me! These gifts will be used for emergencies or unforeseen costs (like medical bills or fees from school, etc.). Any money that is left over at the end of the year I will be donating to a ministry called Sew Hope, which is a ministry run by a member of The Aroma Church named Sarah Mabee, and helps women who are homeless or have been in/are getting out of prostitution. If you can help me, please email me at to let me know before you send anything. Please pray for provision! Thanks!


This last Friday (Nov. 6th) was a significant day: It marked the half-way point in my semester working with Sunshine American School. In all honesty, I can hardly believe that I am here. It is by God’s grace alone that I have made it this far, and that I will continue to make it.

Imagine a girl walking off of a dock, willingly chasing a pearl beneath the waves, but knowing she cannot swim. The dock becomes a plank, and she is forced to jump before someone knocks her in, and she lands with a splash, spinning and twisting, and calling out for help. There are many people on life-boats around her who keep tossing pieces of floating boards, but the boards do not have the buoyancy to help her stay afloat for long. She struggles for minutes and hours to stay above water, and the people around her keep doing their best to give her anything they can to help her keep going, but they see that after a while she is learning to use her feet and kick. And then her arms become useful, as she sees someone swimming toward her– who is it? He seems to be bright and hopeful, not afraid of the water in any way, and when he reaches her, he smiles. “Go deeper,” he says, and then dives underneath the surface of the choppy waves. Jesus.

The girl treads water falteringly and remembers the pearl, but she sees only the waves right now. She remembers the thrill of pursuit, but she has barely learned to swim and so looks to the lifeboats within swimming length and cries out. How can she go after the pearl now, when she is so close to getting safe? She should be swimming to the lifeboats now, right?

Yes, you have guessed correctly, I am writing about myself.

Writing my story...
Writing my story…

There is more to be done here. I cannot let this time go to waste.



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