Photos from School!

God is so gracious. Exactly when I need it, he gives me rest. On Friday, my school celebrated Halloween… and although that may not be such a great thing, we just went trick-or-treating with my 1st grade class and watched a movie for my 6th grade class, which was good. It meant I got to rest.

Good news! Lesson planning is getting easier and easier. I have managed to decipher my 6th grade books, and I have learned how to make two empty pages pictures an entire lesson for my 1st grade class.

I finally have pictures of my classes for you to see! I have wanted to post some for so long but never got the chance until now because we had a group photo time.

Mighty Evan, AKA Batman. I think he has a mild form of autism or something close to that. He is super cute! He makes me smile 🙂 He has the best imagination.


Crazy George. Quite the talker 🙂


Sophie– also super cute! All smiles and daydreams…
Quiet Anna. She doesn’t like loud noises, nor does she talk much in class.
Leah. One week she just showed up, sitting in my class. No one told me she would be joining us, but she did! Good reader, and usually good in the classroom.
Jim Jim… Jim is the one boy that is always paying attention and knows all the answers. He’s a cutie, missing all his front teeth at the moment. Makes it rather hard to pronounce “th”
Showy Shelley. She likes to talk to me… all the time. And she likes to tattle a little bit. But she’s adorable. Always getting in trouble— pray for her. She’s not very good at reading and she gets yelled at quite a bit by other teachers.
“Eyes on me!”


Trick or treat
The front doors of my school at the moment


My co-teacher, Jennifer, taking pictures of our cute 1st graders
People at the bank handing out candy thought we were pretty cute too 🙂
The first floor– “office” and the door to my classroom is where Jennifer is walking into (in the purple). There’s a staircase that you can’t see in this picture to the right that goes downstairs to my 6th grade classroom.
Jenny 1 (literally has a number for her name)– quiet but funny. Very kind girl
This picture adequately describes Candy’s personality: full of laughter and joy.


Here is my 6th grade classroom– 16 students and two teachers fit in here 🙂


Front of my 6th grade class… where the magic happens haha


Some of my 6th graders


Class photo: Johnny, Alex, Max, Albert, Micky, Allen, Elvis Ashley, Jenny 1, Kaiti (my co-teacher who left 😦 , Mandy, and Jenny 2


Here is Kaiti, my co-teacher from 6th grade for the past few months. What a God-send! Pray for her health and for her future, and for salvation to come!


Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have the day off (I only work Monday and Wed-Fri), so I think I will go exploring. I went exploring a little yesterday (Sunday), but I did not have much time between Skypeing my mom and a professor at Crown (Prof Brath) and the worship team small group at 4. Here are a few pictures that give you a small idea of what Taiwan is like (I took these photos with the aim of hopefully using them for drawing later, so they are not exactly photo material, sorry):












Thank you for your prayers!

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for my weekends. Right now days off and weekends are actually the hardest for me. I get through the week and then I think about all the time I have left.
  • Please pray for me to be able to focus on the present and trust God with the future.
  • Please pray for Christians who struggle with homosexual thoughts. Many of them hate themselves if they have ever tried to ‘change’ themselves and failed. Many of them hate God if they still believe in him. Please pray for those who have made a stand to allow God alone to help them follow His commands. They are among the strongest people on earth.
  • Please pray for Taiwan. It is dark here. Pray for people to rest in Jesus– many people work an unhealthy amount of time to get ahead and get more.
  • Please pray for Burma. Things are shifting and changing there, and there are still so many people being persecuted and killed because of their ethnicity and faith in Jesus or false gods. Pray for wisdom for leaders and pastors and for more workers in the harvest!

This is all I know, if anything: God is good, the devil’s a liar, and prayer still changes things. Thank you for praying! Keep praying for missionaries!



Keep the Faith!




2 thoughts on “Photos from School!

  1. I know you’re doing a wonderful job in the classroom Skye! I’m so glad you’re getting the hang of planning better!
    Plus, you’re so loving to them! You are growing by leaps and bounds and learning right along with all these precious…and I do mean precious children! How cute they are, all with hearts and souls needing love and acceptance from a loving Christian teacher! 🙂 How wonderful for them to have you sweetie. Even though you hate being there away from your home at times, you will reap and see the fruits of your labors, as you keep on pluggin’ for Jesus name. You know He wants to love and bless those children, and He’s doing it with you. That’s a great thought .. 😀 (Can maybe help with the focus on the present, and hope for the future.) I miss you, but hopefully will see you soon! Still in planning mode myself. xxxooo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, mom! Yes, I am trying to change my focus to being willing to pour out love in the classroom (firmly but gently, if you know what I mean).
      He is a rock to stand on, and I want to pass it on!



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