Wait on the Lord- A Full Circle Lesson for Me

Bonnie and Jennifer are both coming to coffee talk tomorrow (your Friday morning)– pray for God to shine light into their lives and hearts. They are co-teachers at my school (Jennifer is with me in my 1st grade class), and bless the kids with their time and patience. They see the kids more than twice as much as I do during the week, so pray that God touches their hearts and makes the Gospel make sense to them. They would be such a great witness to the kids… for years to come!


Today was a beautiful full circle of God’s truth coming alive.

Woke up with good intentions of practicing piano, and was hopeful for a good day, praying that God would help me put him first. But… someone was in the prayer room so I could not play… I was ‘forced’ to sit and actually do the thing I had prayed for… I was annoyed and then I was sad. Definitely not a picture of genuinely wanting to put God first.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for me to live unselfishly, genuinely giving my first and best to God.

The leaders of the Aroma and I and a couple other people pray at 10 each morning, and today’s focus was on Psalm 27, and these verses were what I needed today:

13 I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
14 Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.

God turned my heart around and helped me to trust him and deal with my disappointment. I needed to wait for the Lord. I was letting something as small as a let-down of intentions define whether or not I would have a good day, and I prayed, “God, please forgive me. Help me to really put you first. Help me to wait on you.”

Sometimes, God has us wait for a while.

But today I got a special blessing in the form of a little boy named Johnny.
Today was a writing day during 6A class and my students wrote their final drafts of a composition they had to write. I have a rule that if they use Chinese they have to leave the classroom for 15 minutes and lose two stars of their own and a class star– yes, I know, fairly strict, but I have to be on that point. No Chinese allowed.
Johnny had already lost all of his stars for coming in late to class (automatically zero stars) and he spoke Chinese (to get out of class), but I had him go upstairs to sit by Teacher Diana (the principal) to finish his writing. He was quite angry when he left. I was leaving for home when he passed me on the stairs.
“Are you done?” I asked, referring to his composition. He said yes and came back up the stairs to give me his book. I tried to think of something to say to him and drive home the obedience lesson, but nothing good came to mind. So, I just patted him on the shoulder and said, “I believe in you.” And I turned to continue up the stairs. After a few steps down the stairs, Johnny turned and said hurriedly, “Teacher Skye, bye bye,” with a strange sort of sorry, friend look in his eyes, and ran down the stairs.
My heart melted. Awww. 🙂 That totally made my day.
Something is working,” I thought to myself.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for a prayer night here. I would like to have prayer meetings regularly! Pray for a hunger to pray more and more!
  • Please pray for Johnny and my other students to taste and see that the Lord is Good! Pray that they would feel loved by God through me.
  • Please pray that I figure out how to put God first each day.
  • Praise God… for his faithfulness.

2 thoughts on “Wait on the Lord- A Full Circle Lesson for Me

  1. praying your requests above. It sure was special about little Johnny! You will remember that for a long time. One of those beautiful teaching memories. Wonderful how God turned the day around for you. He left you such a special blessing – little Johnny!


  2. Jesus come and bless Jennifer and Bonnie with Your Holy Spirit! Thank You for their appointed time with You and to this we pray for their salvation and Holy Spirit baptism. And Johnny, help Skye to continue to be Your Love picture for him. Thank You for directing her with him, seeing his need and meeting it through Skye…so awesome how You silence our own ideas and fill us with Yours! May she flow more and more from the Love You have for those around her.
    I am thankful for Your faithfulness in leading her in the way that You have for her, and all You’re doing in her. Her beauty is in You and I see it too. May she feel the warmth of Your love and Presence always as she desires more and more of You and waits on You Lord. Would You give more prayer Lord? and more intensity in the direction of Your Presence? You Lord Jesus are the One we live for and desire more than anything. We love You Lord!! amen!


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