Another Journal Entry- My First Parent-Teacher Conference

It’s a minute til 11:11 as I write this sentence, just to let you know. Get your wishes ready to pray! 😉

My wish: I wish for grace and favor and for my family to be healed. Amen.

Tonight I wrote about my first parent-teacher conference in my journal, and rather than say everything in a new way, I decided to just copy it here. Sorry for the random blurb about movies- I included it to make you laugh.

I figured this moment was journal-worthy.

I just had a parent-teacher conference.

I don’t feel lime writing about what happenned, but I’m super tired. I’m glad I only had to meet with the 1A class’ parents. No 6A.

Also, today I found out that Bonnie, one of the co-teachers, has gone to church before. She wants to believe, but she says it is hard to trust and she needs more faith. She used to go to church but she said it was confusing- I don’t know if this is because of a relationship she was in or that church itself or the Bible or teachings were confusing. But I invited her to go to church with me on Sunday, and she said yes!

Actually, I asked Jennifer, my 1A co-teacher, to eat lunch with me on Sunday @ the Aroma and I guess she felt weird just having it be then two of us and so she invited Bonnie. That’s how Bonnie and I got to talking about church.

Next week we have to watch a Halloween movie during class. I don’t want to. I’m trying to think of something else to do or a way to talk about my beliefs.

Kaiti, my 6A co-teacher, is leaving after next Friday (November). I’m not entirely sure why, but she said she needs a change. So… I’m sad. But yesterday I gave her a CD from Joanna’s band and she said she used to listen to a Christian radio station all day long when she was in the States for a couple years to study. I think God is calling her because she seems really open to what I say about God and my story. I feel a big change coming- bigger than she knows. 🙂

Jesus, please give me an opportunity to share the Gospel  with her in a way that she will understand– in a way that she can hear it.

Why do people like movies so much?

They’re such a waste of time!

And they desensitize you.

And they shape culture

And entertain us

And give us joy

And humor

And memories

But–ah! How can people just sit there and watch movie after movie? Yuck. Do something with your life.

Teacher Jennifer was great with the parents tonight. She said everything I didn’t know to say and hoped the parents leave thinking positive thoughts, although I have not really any clue as to exactly what she said (all in Chinese). God, bless her with joy. Make her my friend, or rather give me grace and favor in her eyes and help me to be a good friend. Give me insight and wisdom.

Goodnight. Please heal my sore throat.


And there you have it! Goodnight! (Happy Friday morning, States.)IMG_20151006_155105_599


4 thoughts on “Another Journal Entry- My First Parent-Teacher Conference

  1. Ouch stepped on my toes. I love watching movies. 🙂 Charlie says hi. Exciting to hear how God is developing your friendships. 🙂 We love you!


  2. Lifted up those people you talked about to the Lord just now. Praying for their salvation and the fullness of purpose in their lives.


  3. Praying for your health darlin’! and praising God for all He’s been doing in those co-teachers of yours this year. So thankful that you’re being Jesus to them… so awesome how God is and has been using you and directing you with them!! May He give you understanding on how to deal with the movie thing. I didn’t know they celebrated halloween there too. You’re doing a great work Skye, and I have a feeling Jesus might be saying “Well done Skye! :)” Keep up the Good Work, and we’ll keep praying for open doors, and help for you in all ways to do what He has called you there to do! and to keep you healthy! Love you soooo much! Peace and Joy <3!


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