Tonight’s Prayer

[10/10/15 12:35:01 AM]

Jesus, I call on your name to help and guide me. I believe that you have great things in store for me and for the kids I teach. Please bless me to be able to keep my eyes on you, and not on the waves. Please bless me to not look around and not look down but to look straight at you. God, you are merciful and gracious, and I see your blessings every day. Even having today off was a miracle of timing. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Jesus for my friend Cera, who is going to help me do lesson plans tomorrow. And thank you for Sunday as a day of rest. Help me to keep that holy to you. Father, please heal my mom’s body and help her body to realign itself and get focused. Jesus, you are good. Holy Spirit, fill me with the desire to seek you and see you lifted high in my workplace and in every part of my life. To you be all the glory and honor and praise. To you be all the bragging rights to how my life turns out. Lord, I believe. Help me in my unbelief! You are the miracle  worker. Please God, help me to keep my head above water, and to enJoy my job. I want to enjoy my job, Lord. Goodnight. I love you,




3 thoughts on “Tonight’s Prayer

  1. I was thinking how waves can act as a pushing agent, so to speak. In Christ, as you hold on to Him, they will push you closer to shore and not under. It’s just scary, those waves, because the sky is dark and the water is tumultuous, slamming up against your boat. But I believe they are actually doing the work that God wants them to do, and that is to get you to shore, with all the lessons and strengthening He desired them to do. It takes a lot of strength to keep the boat going right, steering it and all. You’re building spiritual and soul muscles through this storm Skye. You’ll make it to shore because Jesus has you in that boat. He’s with you just like He was with the disciples who were yelling and freaking out and thinking they were going to die. But where was Jesus? Sleeping in sound trust. That’s where He’s working at getting us, isn’t He? It is well with my soul. You make me brave Lord. No fear can hinder the promises You made. You call me out beyond the shore into the waves. You make me brave. Your love, in wave after wave, crashes over me, crashes over me, for You are for us, You are not against us. Champion of Heaven you make a way for all who enter in. You make me brave.
    I believe in you Skye, and I believe in the One who holds you through all that you are going through. You’re getting stronger hon. Miss you babe. and love you.


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