Stand with Me for a Friend in Need

Allen (far left) and the guys from Tekoa Falls.
Allen (far left) and the guys from Toccoa Falls.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Allen Brewer, a student from Toccoa Falls College who is on internship like me here at the Aroma. He is super sweet and really loves Jesus. He has been a fun and easy-to-talk-with friend, and I have enjoyed spending what time I have with him and his other classmates. They are doing a semester abroad for their school, but today I came across this startling post on Facebook:

Hello everyone!!! I have a huge prayer request! Taking care of my financial aid and things this semester has been very complicated because I am in Taiwan, and I don’t have printers or fax machines on hand, so needless to say, I owe lots of money to my school. currently it’s $11,000+, and they have given me an ultimatum to pay it in 23 days or I get withdrawn from my classes. 😦 I have no idea what to do because it is impossible for me to come up with this kind of money, even if I was stateside. However I know God can do the impossible, so PLEEEAAAAASSSEEEE pray! Also I’m super stressed cause this is very stressful haha! Thank youuuu!

Friends and prayer warriors, please stand with me and my friend Allen to pray for God’s sure provision.

Please pray for peace!

  • Please pray for grace from the financial department.
  • Please pray for the school to receive all the funds they need to keep going.
  • Please pray for Allen to find comfort everywhere he turns, and an encouraging word from God from every person he talks to.
  • Please pray for peace for him–that beautiful, sweet kind that doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s stand with each other and lift up this brother to our Great King!


Keep the Faith!




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