Please Pray!!!

My sixth grade students are fast approaching a big test that they need to do (during the week of October 19-23, and they need God’s help.

Please pray that I would be able to quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly RETEACH these subjects: (you don’t have to know what they are, just pray specifically for them, please!

  • Using the past continuous tense (and how to recognize when to use it)
  • Using the present perfect tense (” “)
  • When and how to use gerunds versus infinitives in a sentence after certain words.

Please pray for me– I just have absolutely zero knowledge of how to teach them these things, how to review them, and how to get them to pass their tests… Ugh. Why does this have to be so hard?

God is my helper. I have asked him many times to give the kids supernatural understanding of what I am teaching, because I know that most of it has been explained poorly. I need a lot of grace.

I pray that you follow God wherever he leads you, and that you never give up. I pray that today you will have peace, knowing that God will strengthen you and comfort you too. Please pray for me.


Some good things: I have been eating very well. I have been able to plan my first grade lessons in advance for this week. Friendships here are close to going beyond surface level. There is a guitar at our house now, albeit a cheap one.


Keep the Faith!



5 thoughts on “Please Pray!!!

  1. Hi Skye. Sorry I haven’t been as attentive lately, but you have been in my prayers. Google ideas on how to teach these subjects. Remember, all you can do is your best. The teacher gives instruction and the students have a responsibility to study so don’t put this all on you. 🙂 God called you there to teach. He will equip you to teach. He will help your students to study and remember the material and pass the test. Every one has a part in their success. Love you.


  2. Thank you Karen! I agree!
    I praise and thank our Lord that you have been given what we have been asking Him for, and continue to ask Him for. Thanks be to God for helping you get ahead of the game with the 1st cool ! And way to go Skye! That’s gotta feel good ;)!
    Prayers going up! And Holy Spirit coming to rescue! Help those children Lord to catch the content, Your grace upon each one of them, and help them to do their parts too Lord. I pray for Skye to see what You see in this as much as You let her. Thank You Lord for these times to learn to trust You more and more, and grow stronger in faith and love for You her Lord. Thank You Lord that You hold Skye and each of those children, and for being in control. 🙂
    So glad relationships are getting more closer! Sweet!
    Well, a keyboard, and now a guitar. Next, bongo’s? tamborine maybe? yeah! Sounds like worship songs are coming to the house.
    Review Lord, bless Skye to be a supernatural teacher! woot! Going in the power of the Spirit and grace and prayer!
    Love you sweetheart~ ❤ ❤
    Jesus Loves you and holds you in this. If it was easy, wouldn't you just think you were doing it? You probably feel like you're being so stretched that your skin's going to snap! I think He brings us into hard things to show us what we wouldn't see any other way, about Him and about ourselves. I pray that you will be strengthened by those in the house and the Aroma. We hold each other up, at least we're supposed to. I will pray for your relationships to be stronger in Jesus Love.


  3. Praying your requests above. I just got back from Israel. Lifted you up in prayer when we all (150 nations) were praying for China and Taiwan and other countries in that area. God is helping you and equipping you as needed.


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