David’s Help

At the Aroma church, they have a tradition of sharing testimonies weekly between the worship and sermon. Tonight (the service is an evening service, from 7-9 pm) I got to share about an awesome testimony from this week. I will share it with you too, because I think it is important to think about what God showed me:

This week I have been crying out to God to show me how to do lessons. Lesson planning is hard, and the material for 6th grade, especially, is really difficult for me to teach– I am just one step ahead of them, learning it and then teaching it. I wanted to give the students a way to enjoy Friday’s lesson, but I did not feel confident in how to do this. As I was planning on Thursday night, many things were swirling around in my mind about the upcoming day, but most of them were not ideas of what I could do. They were more like garbled fears and scrambled attempts at gathering my thoughts.

Friday is reading day for 6th grade, and I did not know how to present the book, or have the class read it together– should I have them read it one by one? In a group? On their own and then talk about it?

I prayed and asked God to give me ideas, but in frustration, quit planning and opened the Bible instead. I needed some encouragement.

I opened up to a random page where I had had a piece of paper stuck in 2 Samuel or Chronicles or something. It was the account of when David killed Goliath the giant without the king’s armor or anything other than his sling. I realized that there was no possible way that a teenage kid could have that good of a shot that could instantly kill a 10 ft soldier with tons of armor on without God’s help.

And David had perfect confidence.

The Bible records that he ran at Goliath. He did not just wait for the giant to come at him, he ran to meet him, took his shot, and ended up victorious. I heard God tell me,

Run at this giant. You’ll kill it.

And Friday was the best day of teaching I have had up to this point. God gave me some ideas and helped me during class to have wisdom… I had to realize that I am not fighting this giant of school alone. I have God on my side to beat the odds. And I will be victorious, even if I do not have all the right ‘armor’ that I need to be fighting.

Praise God.


10 thoughts on “David’s Help

  1. This is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you, Skye for letting us in on your journey. The Holy Spirit is using you to help us all “run at our own giants”


  2. Great news to build us all up in our faith!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! We serve a God who is faithful always, upholding us with His love and strength!! Love you…keep hanging in there! Aunt Norma


    1. I love when I can share things like this. You know, the past few weeks have been one story after another of me getting bogged down and God lifts me back up again… Like that old song. 🙂 I get down, and He lifts me up, I get down… Hey, sounds like a good title for a blog post.


  3. Praise God indeed!!! You got this, cuz He’s got you! That reminds me of a scene in Superman 1 where Lois fell out of a window (or something like that) and Superman catches her in mid air. She’s freaking out as he flies her away in his arms. He says, “I got you” Her response was, “You got me, but who’s got you?!” hahaha Jesus has you! in His arms! Sooo goood to know!!!


  4. I know you will be victorious in teaching! Celebrate all these mountain-top experiences. Continue giving glory to God. Thanks for sharing how the Lord encourages you along the way. Another piece of advice–put some money in an envelope for fun. You have to play and enjoy the adventure along the way. Otherwise, you will burn out. Don’t feel bad for being with friends and having some down time. We all need to take time to relax. I love you. I am proud of you.


    1. Thanks, ma. I’m going to go watch a movie this weekend and take a break from teaching stuff on Saturday. I’m really annoyed because even when I want to go and ‘play,’ I’m thinking all the time, “I am going to be stressed in the morning. I’m going to be really stressed tomorrow…” Ugh. Not fun.
      Pray for quick comprehension of my 6th grade materials. Thank you for your love and support!
      Say hi to Charlie for me!


  5. So good Skye!

    Keep RUNNING!!!!!!!!


    From: SkyeBirdOnTheFly <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: SkyeBirdOnTheFly <comment+za1lmid6aui88kkjnyb8cb@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 10:40 AM To: Sarah Bourns <bournss@cmalliance.org> Subject: [New post] David’s Help

    skyebirdonthefly posted: “At the Aroma church, they have a tradition of sharing testimonies weekly between the worship and sermon. Tonight (the service is an evening service, from 7-9 pm) I got to share about an awesome testimony from this week. I will share it with you too, becau”


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