Frozen Grapes = The Best Idea, and Other More Important Ideas

Answers to prayer and praises for God's goodness to me and my roommates during college. God is faithful, and he will be again!
Answers to prayer and praises for God’s goodness to me and my roommates during college. God is faithful, and he will be again!

Other More Important Ideas (Than Grapes)

*Sighhhhhh* of …

Relief: This week has been much better so far. Today is Wednesday, and thinking back to last Wednesday, I am doing ten times better.

Yawns: The weekend was a nice time for me to rest and get more sleep (7 or 8 hours verses 5 1/2 or 6), but last night I did not sleep well. After a full day of prep and teaching, I am pretty tired. 🙂

Gratefulness: God is so gracious to me. Multiple times this week, he has rearranged my schedule through various means to get me to just go home and rest. He has lessened my anxiety by providing people to talk to on the MRT subway (for example, today I met a nice couple from England who are vacationing here), sending me mentors, and by speaking to me through his Word. He has also helped me by providing enough food and money for the things I need, and grace for mistakes I have made.

Frustration: Dagh! Phones. Can we all just agree to use phones and internet for free? Can that be arranged? My phone is on the out… But I have to wait til I can get an ARC (Alien Resident Certificate–the document/license/thing that says I can live here) to get a new phone with a phone plan.

Also, I have not been wise with my money this month, and I should have skipped out on the invitation to go to the Beauty and the Beast with some people from The Aroma. It was great, but it was entertainment at the cost of my livelihood. It is a good thing people were so generous to me, because I have enough support raised for the duration of the time before my first teaching paycheck… Unfortunately, you have had to pay for a splurge, and I apologize to all for doing that. It will not happen again. I am a missionary, not someone working for myself. I hope you will forgive me.

Please Pray!

  • Please pray for wisdom for how to use my finances.
  • Please pray that I would be able to get in contact with people when I need to– and that my phone would work at the times I need it most.
  • Please pray for rest, refreshment, and for the joy of the Lord to be my strength!
  • Please praise God with me! I am feeling better, even if it is not 100%. I know how to live in plenty and in want (Phil. 4).

Yesterday, I forced myself to write something I was thankful for, one for every line of my journal page. Here are some:

I am thankful for:

  1. Feet that can walk
  2. God said don’t worry about what to eat, drink, wear, or where to sleep
  3. A new home in Ximen that I’ll be moving to soon
  4. God keeps his word
  5. Tuesdays off
  6. The hope of a piano soon…
  7. I cot to rest a lot during this summer
  8. I can see some stars on clear nights
  9. The rooftop at Mikki and Caleb’s
  10. Friends from America my age
  11. Friends in America
  12. Lacey’s mentorship, encouragement, and camaraderie
  13. Mom’s encouraging spirit and that she read the Bible to me yesterday
  14. I got to Skype with Wally yesterday too, and he helped lift my spirits
  15. Time to spend building bunk beds for our new house with good friends
  16. Kennedy’s laugh
  17. A cell phone
  18. A computer
  19. Minnetrista Baptist Church
  20. Jubilee Worship Center
  21. Crown College and my professors there
  22. A piano at The Aroma
  23. Language exchange with Momo on Tuesdays.
  24. Howard, Jerry, Mikki’s Dad, and probably others have decided to become Christians in the last two months!
  25. The gospel changes everything
  26. God knows what I need and he nudges me towards it
  27. The air is cooling slowly
  28. LINE
  29. My ring to remind me to keep my eyes on Jesus
  30. The millions of people who have put stuff online for teaching English grammar 🙂


Goodnight, and know that I am in God’s hands. I will never lose hope in God’s plan because he has never failed me yet! He never will!



Keep the Faith!

I am confident that God will see me though this time. “Hard but good, hard but good.”




One thought on “Frozen Grapes = The Best Idea, and Other More Important Ideas

  1. AMEN Skye! God is Faithful… Faithful to the end!!!
    SOO happy that you listed all you’re thankful for. It was a great joy to go through the list, praising God for each one of them! Thanks 🙂


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