First Day

I can’t say much now, but I wanted you to know how my first day went.


Well… It went.

Teaching basic English learners is really hard. I do not know what they know, and it is hard to gauge their understanding. But also, I learned to be better prepared. I will have to come up with a lot of activities for them because their books do not have much to go on at that level- just basic phrases and words. I thought that it would be harder teaching the older kids, but it was actually harder with the younger ones.

I think it helps when you know that the kids understand 90% of what you are saying, versus 20%.

Please pray that I can come up with a good lesson plan for the younger ones for Wednesday. God was so merciful when he gave me this job- I have Tuesdays off. Praise God for more time! A second chance!


I also have the 6th grade class, and I think it will be fun the teach them. I had a clear lesson plan and a good idea of how to get to know them.

Thank you for the prayers about my co-teachers. They were both very helpful and kind, and esp. Jennifer, my co-teacher from the 1st grade group. She was gracious and helpful. Thank the Lord with me!


Okay, bed time…


Keep the Faith! Remember that God never leaves you or forsakes you! His grace is sufficient for me.




One thought on “First Day

  1. Thank You Lord for helping Skye today through her co-teachers, and Lord please help Skye to have a lot of grace for herself, knowing that You are with her to do all these new things in her life. With new things, comes learning curves. I praise You Lord for grace upon grace and thankful hearts, so we don’t start thinking bad thoughts. I praise You Lord for her teachers helpers Jennifer and Kaiti and their input and encouragement! Jesus please give Skye fun and adventurous ideas for these small children for learning our beautiful language. Help her to think of ways she has learned, and put it into pictures. She is an artist. Maybe infiltrating art with language? I know You have given her everything she needs for this position at this time. But she is still learning new things and so I thank You for the strength, ideas, grace and Joy to keep her going. You will see her through it all and to the end, so we Praise and lift up Your mighty name JESUS! You are Lord of Skye’s life. Help her to be encouraged and not discouraged!
    Thank You for Your courage to face each new day with the power of God. For You have not given her a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. Instead, You have given Skye great courage to face the unknown and walk it through, for she has put her trust in You, and that I know is tested every day, not only in her life, but all Christians who have done so. I speak this over Skye… her tonight, my today.
    God You are Good! In Jesus’ holy name, amen…so be it!


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