I want to say a quick hello:






… Oh, and also, these things:

  • I led Coffee Talk tonight and talked about dreams; it went well. I will explain that later.
  • Tomorrow night (tomorrow morning for you in the States) I am playing for Music Night; we need prayer. Please pray that we can communicate well as a team and a body of music. Playing with others is a good picture of what the body of Christ can be: you are all bringing your best and you are collectively making new life in every second that you are making music, which comes naturally, and sometimes inexplicably without thought.
  • I start teaching on Monday. MONDAY, PEOPLE, DID YOU READ THAT???
  • Haha (or in other words, the now acceptable characters for “I am laughing.”)
    • Please pray for me as I make lesson plans and discipline plans and how to run a classroom plans.




Keep the Faith



One thought on “Quickly…

  1. MONDAY…. got it! oh my! it’s coming fast, but I know God has this in you. Praying darlin! Love youuuu!! Give it your best shot, all God gives you and don’t worry about the rest. I believe it will be enough.


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