Catchup with Beauty and The Beast

Look to the Lord
Look to the Lord

Some of you may have forgotten why I came to Taiwan, or where I am, or what the finer details of the ministry are. Do not panic, you are not the only one. 🙂 So, I am re-posting a little bit of excerpts from earlier posts for you to get a full picture without looking at all of them. This will also help you if you are just joining me on my journey. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some review.

ALSO: There is more later in this post about the last few days, so if you feel like you are a pro at the ins and outs of my experience, by all means, skip on…


From“Hello World!” June 4, 2015:

Skye grew up in Foley, MN and has two loving parents who are white-knuckling this whole Taiwan thing....
Skye grew up in Foley, MN and has two loving parents who are white-knuckling this whole Taiwan thing….

Taiwan, you say? Yes. I have an internship with The Aroma Cafe in Taipei, the capitol city of Taiwan. Why? The Cafe is, in their words, “more than just a coffee shop.” It’s a place where the countless young people that flock to the shopping district of Ximen (where The Aroma is) can come and experience community. They can find the love and reality of a different kind of existence – life with Jesus Christ.

The shop is affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance’s ministry called “Envision.” Envision is geared toward people in the millennial generation, and brings the gospel to our generation in a contextualized and genuine way.

The hope of the people who work at The Aroma Cafe is that the Taiwanese would smell the “aroma” of Christ, just as it says in 2 Corinthians 2:15, “For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing” (NIV).


From “Copy That: $1,000 Story Round Two”June 13, 2015:

surprise 3(Me thinking: What happened? Did someone in the church get married? Have a potluck disaster? Did Karen and Charlie randomly get a pet horse?)

Me: Yeah, what’s up?

Karen: Tonight the church (Minnetrista Baptist Church) had a meeting. We have decided to give you $2,000 for your trip, so we’ll be sending that in next week! Hope you are excited!

Me thinking: This isn’t real.

Me: Wow! Thank you! I’m just speechless!…

…God, the Master of the House, is returning at a time we do not know and cannot predict. Will you be ready for him? Will I be ready for him?

You see, the question is not what I am going to be doing in Taiwan. That will come when it comes.

The question is What am I doing right now? Am I ready to face the King? Am I ready to leave the world with no regrets? Am I being responsible to take care of the souls around me? 

From Music And All It’s Friends and Fun Facts About Foreigners June 19, 2015

For the Fun of it, I have provided a Fantastic File of Facts For my Friends about Foreigners (specifically Taiwanese) and their Fatherland:

Musical chickens
(Photo from “Musical Chickens”)
  1. Teachers switch classes instead of students during the school day, so there are no crowds of kids wandering the halls between periods.
  2. They speak mostly Mandarine Chinese. You may know this, but I didn’t.
  3. Taipei is just short of 105 square miles. Oi. That is a big city.
  4. China says that it owns Taiwan. Taiwan says it is it’s own country. The US goes for a “one China” policy, while also Taiwan’s ally and has committed to supporting the country. Okaaay?
  5. A lot of people bike! Everywhere! All the time! And for motor vehicles, they use bikes! Mopeds! You get the idea. 😉 …

From The Bird Flies! July 17, 2015

Who doesn't love sitting in one place for 24 hours? Please pray I don't lose my mind on the plane...
Who doesn’t love sitting in one place for 24 hours? Please pray I don’t lose my mind on the plane…

Hello from San Francisco International Airport! The time is 12:55pm, Pacific Time. The gate is 97. Departure in an hour! 

God has blessed my travel so far, and has helped me get to my final flight even though my first plane was delayed. I got some prayer though, and made my second flight right when they were boarding my group. Praise God, I’ll get there safe!

From You All Want to Know About the Typhoon, So… August 9, 2015650x366_08061318_19694035204_47a2d48ea2_o

Typhoon Soudelor hit Taipei this weekend, said to be the largest typhoon anywhere in the world this year. CNN has an awesome video on their website from Friday.

From I Have a Job, Yes I Do! 🙂 August 13, 2015

Sunshine has two floors and six classrooms - two of which will soon be mine. :)
Sunshine has two floors and six classrooms – two of which will soon be mine. 🙂

It is called Sunshine American School, and it is close to the foothills that surround Taipei City. I can look down the street and see the mountains jut up in green mounds, and I am so excited to go exploring in the area.

There is a great coffee shop that my roommate Irene and I discovered when I went to my interview, and three doors down from the school is a Yamaha music store! Maybe I will discover my Steinway there… 😉

I will be working in the afternoons, from 2 pm to 6:30 pm. It takes about 35 minutes to get there from Ximen (where The Aroma Cafe is), and I take a subway and a bus as my modes of transportation.

From In Photos: Elephant Mountain and the People of The Aroma August 16, 2015

For this post, you should really look at the photos on the page. They are the point of the post.IMG_20150815_181734_180

Who brings their binoculars on a mountain overlooking Taipei and then forgets to use them??

Me. *Double face-palm*…

…Getting to know the people who work at The Aroma Cafe and/or the Church and/or Envision has been pretty cool. God has used them all in special ways in my life already, and I know that they are ready and willing to do his will.

From One Month Anniversary and Three Broken Things August 18, 2015

Kennedy joined us in learning 'table, cup, phone, paper, pen, paper, book, and head'
Kennedy joined us in learning ‘table, cup, phone, paper, pen, paper, book, and head’

…If I were running this show, I would probably be in Minnesota still, working with Timber Bay or learning Spanish or Burmese or something, and teaching piano lessons on the side. Or going on to get my Masters degree in composition.

But, God has other ideas for me, some of which I have only yet to discover. …


From Letter Home August 23, 2015

Contracting a contract
(Photo from “Contracting a Contract”)

Many people here are first-gen Christians, and many of them are the first in their families. Please pray for ways to teach them and bring them up in Jesus.

Every time I needed encouragement, Jesus led me to read just the right verse or think of just the right song. He’s right by my side, so I don’t feel alone. But I do feel a little lonely, if that makes sense. Pray that I’d have healthy relationships here with everyone I know.


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We got to see the Broadway musical version of The Beauty and The Beast last night, and it was amazing! It is ironic that the first time I have seen a Broadway is in Taiwan of all places. A group of us from the Aroma dressed up and traveled to the auditorium. Here are some photos of the group:


Before L>R: Angela (cafe worker), Nancy (goes to Aroma church), Jesse (Envision rep), Andrea (intern, my roommate), Howard (English teacher), and Stephen (financial wiz for the church and cafe).
L>R: Angela (cafe worker), Nancy (goes to Aroma church), Jesse (Envision rep), Andrea (intern, my roommate), Howard (English teacher), and Stephen (financial wiz for the church and cafe).




After ("Good show, I say, sport")
After (“Good show, I say, sport”)

That was my entertainment for the year. 🙂

School begins next Monday… less than one week! Pray for me!

From How To Pray For Skye (Needs still the same):

  1. Please review my needs from 8-9-15
  2. Please pray for my left shoulder and arm, down to my wrist and thumb. Something is just not right with it, and I do not know why.
  3. Please pray for a new phone for me. My phone keeps shutting off all day, without any pattern or reason. Pray that someone would have one I can buy cheaper.
  4. Please pray for a guy named Calvin, who told me today that he is losing his faith in God. He does not work, and feels purposeless right now. He is chasing a dream that may not even be within his grasp, and in the mean time losing precious years of his life.
  5. Please pray for my roommate Irene and friend Jae to find their identities in Christ, not in any state of being or pattern of this world.


Thank you for your love and prayers! It was fun to Skype with my Minnetrista “Mom & Dad,” Charlie and Karen today. If you would like to set up a Skype date, just let me know! I would love to chat with you!


Keep the Faith! Don’t ever give up praying! (Luke 18:1 ff)





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