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Hello all,

 Did you know that Taiwan is not the only Envision site?

Envision is the branch of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) that I serve with. They specifically have a heart to serve the Millennials, and Taipei City is just one of the sites that they have all around the world.

Here is an email that I sent to Sarah Bourns today. Sarah is the coordinator for all the Envision site interns, and she had a big part in helping me get here. The email is a perfect overview of what is going on at the moment:

Hi Sarah!

Skye Bonati <skyebird93@gmail.com>

2:48 PM (8 hours ago)

to Sarah, Christopher, Jesse
Hi Sarah. 🙂

I said I would email you after my first week, and I did not. I want to apologize for that. Sorry!

I am adjusting to Taiwan well, and this first month has been filled with good things. I’ve gotten a job at a school called Sunshine American School in Taipei City, which is about 40 minutes from the Aroma. It is in a perfect location, and I really feel that God will do some mighty things there in the classroom. The supervisors there and the co-teachers seem really friendly and open to helping me, and I think that God will bless them and open their hearts as well. Pray for me to have courage to talk to them about Jesus and to be sensitive to the (spiritual) climate there.

I have been getting to know some of the people who attend the Aroma for church. A new friend of mine, Eva, is a new Christian, and I am hoping to encourage her to grow and study the Bible with her. She is only a five-month-old Christian, but is already praying for guidance on whether or not to help in teaching Sunday School, and trusting God to help her even though she doesn’t feel prepared.

Another friend I have made is named Howard. He goes to the Aroma for the friends, but is not a Christian. He is also teaching the first four interns to arrive this year English twice a week. God is calling him. Please pray that he’d be willing to believe with child-like faith.

I like the house I am living in, but I may be moving closer to the Aroma soon. It takes me too long to get to work otherwise, and it is expensive to travel that much. I’m not worried about it though, because wherever I am, God will make a way for me to do what he called me to do here. Otherwise, why would he even bring me here? Of course he’s going to provide. 🙂

The leaders of the [Aroma] church and the coffee shop and Envision are all very competent and godly leaders. It’s fun to work with Chris and Jesse and a couple Taiwanese guys named Stephen, Mark, and Cloud. They are facing hard decisions right now with the organization of the church. Please pray that the right people would be put in places of leadership and discipleship. Pray for a culture of commitment. Because of the nature of having so many short-term teams and interns, it has a huge effect on the fabric of the church and for people’s experience. We’d like to est. a more lasting congregation to be healthier spiritually.

Many people here are first-gen Christians, and many of them are the first in their families. Please pray for ways to teach them and bring them up in Jesus.

For me, I am beginning to experience the loneliness of living overseas. I am grateful for so many people who have come from MN and Crown, because I feel that I can connect with them. But pray that I can learn Mandarin quickly. Every time I needed encouragement, Jesus led me to read just the right verse or think of just the right song. He’s right by my side, so I don’t feel alone. But I do feel a little lonely, if that makes sense. Pray that I’d have healthy relationships here with everyone I know.

I begin teaching on the 31st! Please pray for me! I know you do, and I want you to know that You are a great encouragement to me and others. Thank you for your service to us. You’re doing a great job!!

Keep the Faith, and abide in Christ,

Skye Bonati

PS, I’ve asked for my 5 supporters, and I’ve gotten 2 so far. 🙂

Please take some time to pray for me now! I covet your prayers! 🙂
“I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.”
            ~Romans 15:30
Keep the Faith!

5 thoughts on “Letter Home

  1. I believe in you Skye. With the Lord’s help, you can do all things. May the Lord continue blessing you, guiding you, encouraging you, and providing for you. I love you!


  2. Jesus Loves you so intently, and you are right, He has led you to be in Taipei for sure. I totally know what you mean by having Jesus so close, yet feeling a little lonely still. We live by faith… and God is the Author and Perfecter of it, and I think that’s what He’s doing all the time in us, finding out how faithful He is and that He’ll never disappoint us. It’s sooo awesome that He gives you the scripture and the thought and the word and the encouragement you need every time you need it!! That is so cool!!! The confirmation and protection and comfort of the Holy Spirit and the Word…Father’s so Gooood! Praying for you to be at peace in the classroom and the kids will be easy to be with for you… that you will feel the comfort of God’s presence in there with you too! That you will be prepared in just the way you need to be and that you will simply and wonderfully LOVE your job!! You have been taken there for a purpose, and you’re gonna find out what that is. Keep the faith! 😉 Every new situation has its own anxious thoughts and excitements too. I believe in you and know that with Christ you can do all He calls you to do!
    Praying for your new place to live. Praying for all these things you have listed. Praising Him for a Steinway!!! 🙂
    Love you sweetie! Praying always….


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