One Month Anniversary and Three Broken Things

Today marks the day – I flew in to Taipei for the first time exactly one month ago. I was running on four hours of sleep right about now and beginning the first stages of jet lag and the experience of heat in Taiwan. It seems like such a short time ago!

Who doesn't love sitting in one place for 24 hours? Please pray I don't lose my mind on the plane...
Original caption reads: “Who doesn’t love sitting in one place for 24 hours? Please pray I don’t lose my mind on the plane…”

It seems fitting, then that today I would be traveling to my new school to sign a contract with them. I can hardly believe that I am signing a contract for teaching and doing two language exchanges with Taiwanese people… It seems like something I would never be doing on my own accord. If I were running this show, I would probably be in Minnesota still, working with Timber Bay or learning Spanish or Burmese or something, and teaching piano lessons on the side. Or going on to get my Masters degree in composition.

But, God has other ideas for me, some of which I have only yet to discover.

One concept I have discovered is that I can still learn Spanish, one day at a time, with videos online or books or flashcards. I can still write. Thanks to technology, I can ask people to edit things, even if they are across the world from me. I can still talk to people like Rafaela, my friend and sister from Honduras, or Zau Nu from Burma, or Hailey from Colorado. I can stay in touch with my family. And thank goodness, I can still play and write music. There are about 10 guitars between all the Aroma people, and there is a piano at the Cafe I can use almost any time when I am there.

God does not want to take me away from the things and people I love. He has found a way to keep all the things that make me feel like me in my life. He could have told me to go somewhere different, somewhere without access to electricity or instruments. And I have to face the question of “Would I be okay with that? Would my fleshly nature be okay with that?” Someday, I may have to give up these things.

At the very bottom, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am Christ’s. He is my God, and I will listen and obey him. And that is who I really am. So, without all the fluff, I could still survive because I know who I am. I may need help remembering that someday! Please do not hesitate to tell me!


Three Broken Things:

  1. My cell phone: It has a developed a lovely habit of shutting off about 10 times randomly throughout the day– usually when I need to relax and think about what I am going to say to someone, but I do not want to get in the position of it being a safety hazard or a problem for work.
  2. My computer: I think the fan is broken on my lap top. It heats up to the point where if I do not stand in front of the room fan, it will start smelling like burning plastic and metal. Not good.
  3. My shoulder: Something is wrong with my shoulder. I have been saying this for a while, but I had gone to the chiropractor just before coming here and expected the problem to fix itself. I know that it is out of place, and I need to get into a doctor for it.

Please Pray!

The above things are perfect prayer points! 🙂 Do not be afraid to pray specifically! For man things are impossible, but for God, anything is possible.

Tonight we had a game night (something we often do around here). L>R: Mark, Brittany, Howard
Tonight we had a game night (something we often do around here). L>R: Mark, Brittany, Howard

3 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary and Three Broken Things

  1. Truly! This has been an amazing month!! I too am soooo proud of you Skye babe! I have been praying about you getting into the doc for that shoulder and into some p.t. I wonder if they do that there? You ARE the Lord’s and that is who you are…His little one. I am so so very thankful that God is helping you and leading you!! He’s got ya sweetie ;)…. always. Yes, I think He stretches us but also begins to unfold incredible outcomes. You’re doing great!


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