You All Want to Know About the Typhoon, So…

Here’s something to write home about:

Typhoon Soudelor hit Taipei this weekend, said to be the largest typhoon anywhere in the world this year. CNN has an awesome video on their website from Friday. CNN also has info on its path, because it has hit China’s coast now. So: Pray for the Chinese fishermen and others who live on the coastlands. (And others, of course, as it begins to peter out over mainland China.) Pray for the people in low-lying areas in Taiwan and China because there will most likely be flooding.

My experience of it was comparable to a large tornado warning. It rained a lot. It was really windy. The sky was a little noisy, and people were all very quiet.

Friday we went to Inside Out at the movie theater (that movie was great!!!), and it was like normal. You could feel the tension in the air though, and people were going to the grocery store to stalk up.

Friday night it started getting more windy and then throughout the whole night and most of Saturday morning, it was raining in sheets and blowing things over everywhere. But, glory to God, our street looks nothing like these pictures; it is clean and protected. The only thing visibly damaged is the string of Chinese lanterns that belong to the shrine a couple of doors down from my apartment.

IMG_20150808_134701_114 IMG_20150808_134641_927 IMG_20150808_154615_963 IMG_20150808_140713_675 IMG_20150808_140705_190  IMG_20150808_192134_648


Today was totally calm, and the air hangs with humidity. Everywhere you go, branches are down and people are picking up fallen signs and broken things strewn on the streets. But the only reported deaths are two girls who got swept away in the sea before the typhoon even hit. Praise you, Jesus, for your protection! I prayed that not one person would die from the typhoon, and I pray that no one is found dead later on.

I got some pretty fun hair shots…

We all look a little like aliens sometimes.

IMG_20150808_185036_941 IMG_20150808_185029_445


I took the bus Saturday evening for a language meeting, and that was fun. There are less buses (go figure) in the aftermath of a typhoon, and so the bus I rode was packed. Like sardines. And then we picked up more people after I got on.

During a typhoon, people usually go see a movie (inside or outside… [I might have been going for a pun there] home) or hunker down if they are in the city. I do not know what they do outside the city. Probably hunker down and pray their house stays intact. I am thankful for my five concrete flights of stairs that lead up to my concrete apartment. I was happy it was cooler for a couple days– finally got to wear my Twins jersey again.

Long story short, I am okay. Typhoons are nuts. The end. 🙂


Keep the Faith!


Skye 🙂


3 thoughts on “You All Want to Know About the Typhoon, So…

  1. Wow! What an experience! eh? Sooo thankful you’re all safe and sound my dearie! Will be praying. Thanks for the update! Love you! God is Goood!


  2. Wow! So glad you are safe and the others with you! I was wondering how you were doing through this storm. God is faithful!


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