New Roomie and Jellyfish Fun

Yesterday we went to the beach near Jiao Xi (Joh-shi) which is about an hour’s bus ride through the mountains and down to the coast on the east side of Taiwan.

The Aroma is also a church and yesterday was their baptism service, so everyone who could make it piled into two coach busses and went on a field trip down to the ocean. It was beautiful!

Baptism here is so fun to see- it is wonderful and sobering at the same time– It is a no-going-back ย point for believers. They are publically declaring their faith, and their families then know that they are serious about following Jesus.

Many parents will fight their children about this because they know that Christians will not worship any other spirits besides God Almighty. The parents fear they will not be taken care of in the afterlife. That means that getting baptized is a very hard decision for a believer, especially if he or she is the first Christian in his or her family to follow Jesus. Two people had signed up to get baptized, and then one guy decided right then that he wanted to do it, so I got to see my friend Jerry get baptized! It was sweet. Many people had been praying for him.

I acquired a few things throughout the day: Sand in my hair, a pretty bad sunburn, and a new friend named Eva. We ate chicken sandwiches and about thirty people played watermelon football in the water while I waded. I really, really wanted to go swimming, but a delightful little creature called a jellyfish stung me behind the knee and scared me away from the deeper waters. Stupid things. They hurt!


Still got a little time to practice piano yesterday. Thank you for your prayers! I’m practicing the third movement to Poulenc’s Suite in C Major again (one of my recital pieces) because I really liked it. I want to play it up to tempo because it’s so fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also practicing playing by ear and using chord sheets.


Tonight my new roommate arrived and is soundly sleeping as I type. Her name is Andrea and she has a fun, giggly personality. I think she will fit right in here. ๐Ÿ™‚


Please pray!

  • Please pray that my roommate Kinsey will have a good last week and safe travels back to Iowa on Wednesday. Pray for her as she has begun saying goodbyes already.
  • Please pray for Andrea to be able to recoup and get used to the time change easily.
  • Please pray that I would put on the armor of God each day, and remember to pray always.ย 
  • Please pray for Chris O’Dell and a missions team from Salem, Oregon as they travel to another part of Taiwan tomorrow. Pray that the cafe would be protected in his absence, and that the team would meaningfully serve with humility.ย 

Thank you!!! Also, thank God for my friend Rachel who is teaching in S. Korea soon. Pray for safe travels from the states and for her re-entry shock, if she has any. I got to Skype with her the other day, and it was so good to see her. ๐Ÿ™‚


God is good, the devil is a liar, and prayer still changes things! Don’t forget to pray!


Keep the Faith!


3 thoughts on “New Roomie and Jellyfish Fun

  1. I got stung by a jellyfish they told me while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico…. my legs burned and hurt for some time. Stinking silly jellyfish. Don’t they know we won’t die and be their food? Guess we got in their bubble, space.


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