Strangities and Odd-ditties and Today’s Teaching Demo Revealed…

For your enjoyment, I have compiled a list of some of the things that have struck me as… just… Odd this past week or so that I have been here:

  1. Most obvious is that people do not flush toilet paper. You do your business and throw the evidence in a trash can next to the toilet. (Same as in Burma, so it did not quite catch me off-guard. However, no one told me about it, so it was a good thing I already knew what to do! 🙂 )
  2. I can sleep with the AC on. Right above my head. With two fans blowing in the same room. Now that is just weird.
  3. I eat at a restaurant almost every meal. Things are very cheap here at mealtimes, if you know where to go.
  4. These are the traffic rules: 1. Drive on the right side of the street, or, in your neighborhood, drive in the most efficient lane. 2. Do not get hit. 3. You can use your traffic signals (they help). 4. Do not run into the people in front of you. 5. Most of the time, scooters are not allowed to drive on the sidewalk. But, you know. If it is your neighborhood, or you need to park, go ahead.
  5. Speaking of traffic, let us stay on this subject. The signals are long–sometimes people have up to 98 seconds to mosey on over the bigger intersections.
  6. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT eat/drink on the bus or the MRT (train). You will be a good, quiet, respectable citizen. This is nice, because it means that public transit is really clean. But, on days like today, when I am scrambling to get back to the Aroma in time to leave for a job interview, it is not so nice when I have to hold my getting-colder omelet in it’s little box with all the time in the world to eat it on the bus, but no way to eat it while I am walking after getting off the bus.
  7. People wear t-shirts that have English sayings on them which make no sense. Or the shirts misspell words or make terrible grammatical errors. Most of them say something like “Party Cool Crazy” or something like that. Just anything that has a “hip” word or two in it with something else that sounds somewhat of American or other English speaking nationality.

That’s all for now! Probably more later 🙂


I had another teaching demo today. It consisted, in part, of:

3 hours of paid teaching time, which was worth $1,800 NT (which means New Taipei Dollar).

12 kids

Lesson plan about radio and media

Running late

Asking for directions with my friend Irene

Getting there on time


Names on the board

Fathers going to the hospital because they slipped on a banana peel in the bathroom and fell into the trash can…

Cute kids

Being astounded that I actually kept it together

Instant application of knowledge I attempted to soak in from a book I skimmed through last night (phew! Good thing I did!!!)

Fun teachers

Not where I want to work


Please Pray!

  • Please pray that I would learn enough in a couple of weeks to be able to do another demo at Columbia English Learners Program (the place I went today was called Happy Marian)
  • Please pray that I would be humble enough to recognize that God may want me in another school
  • Please pray for the leaders of the short-term missions team just in from Salem, Oregon, and the leaders of The Aroma Cafe/Church/Envision: Mark, Chris and Jamie, Jesse, Cloud, and Nancy.
  • Please pray for wisdom for Jesse and Chris as they are involved with helping the new interns find places to live for the year, and pray for any moving to go smoothly and gracefully.
  • Please pray for me to guard my Bible time!!!!
  • Please pray for my sister Corry to be blessed in her new job and for her back to heal. I will not give details, so please do not ask.

Did you know?

Prayer is amazing! God is good, the devil is a liar, and Prayer Still Changes Things!!


Keep the Faith!



It's official!! I'm a graduate from Crown College! :D
It’s official!! I’m a graduate from Crown College! 😀

2 thoughts on “Strangities and Odd-ditties and Today’s Teaching Demo Revealed…

  1. Hello Skye! I FINALLY got your blog site up and read through the posts- very cool! I’ve thought of you and prayed many times- wishing I could zip one of those quick text messages! Looks like you have some pretty exciting adventures going on there! Bet you occasionally miss those “bored days” of just hanging out?
    Megan is home safe and sound as of 1am this morning! I will give her this blog site to catch up with what you are up to, and she she can tell you more about her trip via email.
    Hey- it is 11:11pm here: make a wish! Off to bed this tired mama goes…
    Blessings and love to you,


  2. Skye I am lifting your requests up to our Savior and Lord! He says “Yes!” to us, His children. 🙂 So glad you got your much earned DIPLOMA… yeah!! It looks so….beautiful! I love you my daughter. I am believing in you and in God’s strong hand to keep you. Bible time, prayer time, worship time, and piano time. All priorities in the Kingdom work He has you there in, as you know. He will let you know where everything fits and the ‘how-to’s’. May His peace guide you and His wisdom direct you. He knows what He’s doing with you. Lifting up your people there. Love abound! Grace abound!
    That is crazy traffic! Sounds like every man for himself out there. lol


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