Smells and Sounds and Sights

Thursday, July 24th


Today has been one of those days that go by so fast you do not realize how many things you have done.

This morning I had a giant hot bread roll with pork and veggies in the center. Bread here is interesting– most of it is very light and sweet. No hearty, 12-grain here. Later today I bought cereal and milk so that I do not have to keep buying food from 7/11 every morning.

That is one thing about this place that is very different than the US–It is totally within anyone’s budget to eat out for every single meal because they are priced very cheap. So you can pick from a wide variety of shops that offer a smaller variety of food. Most meals are either rice-somethings, noodle-somethings, or fish-somethings, the latter which I try to stay away from. Apparently I am “easy to please” as one guy named Stephen said, because I told him that the fried rice I had for dinner was really good, and he said he did not like it at all.


Worship is my favorite part of the day. Today we prayed for the team from Guam as they were going to go clean someone’s house. I love hearing voices raised in praise to God! And I am really missing piano land.


Sights: I saw a beautiful river today when I went to Costco (yes, they have those in Taiwan). I also saw the moon and the stars because Irene took me to the roof of Mikki and Caleb’s house and we talked for a couple hours. I am so thankful for good friends, and for God’s protection and love. It knows no boundaries.


That’s all for today. 🙂


Keep the Faith!



One thought on “Smells and Sounds and Sights

  1. Thank you Skye, I’ve been enjoying your emails.  It’s fun to read about the things you are experiencing. Blessings,Laura Kringle


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