Jetlag Can Only Bring You Down So Long

Hi everybody from… TAIPEI! 😀   (Pictures coming!!)

Status Update: Please, please, don’t send any more one-time gifts!! 🙂 I have met my goal for that. Thank you so much!! I have been praying for 5 people or families who are willing to donate $25 a month for the year to keep me floating in case of emergencies. If you would like to be one of these 5, please email me at Then go to and follow the directions for giving. In the search bar under International Workers and Special Projects, type “ENV-Skye Bonati” and check the box underneath that says you can make it a recurring gift.

I will donate anything I do not use by the end of the year to a ministry that the Aroma has that cares for women who have broken lives or who have been/are trying to get out of the prostitution business.

I have an interview tomorrow (12 midnight for you guys on Wed night/Thursday morning) with a school called Colombia Language Institute– please pray for God’s will, for me to have discernment, and for favor since I have no experience to offer.


Since Landing:

Saturday evening (your Saturday morning), I arrived in Taipei, Taiwan and met up with some short term missionaries who are here for ten days. I was so glad to see them! They helped a lot in getting luggage and a taxi and in orienting myself. I got to The Aroma and Chris O’Dell met me there with Jesse Wagner and maybe another couple of people, and they briefly showed me around the cafe. I also met my roommate Kinsey and got a little something to eat. Then bed time for me!

Sunday I got a bit more of a tour of the cafe, and helped set up for church on Sunday night in the upstairs floor of the cafe. The Aroma has three floors: 1. Basement- The basement has a storage room for food and other odds and ends, a prayer room, and a general hang-out/eat room at the bottom of the stairs. 2. Ground floor- The bar, or counter, or whatever you call it, is right as you walk in, and you can sit by the big glass windows and people watch at the street. 3. 2nd Floor- This is where the majority of the seating is (looks like any coffee shop in the US), and also where they hold their church services Sunday nights and Coffee Talks (language exchange/teaching English time) on Friday nights. There is an office in the back, a small kitchen (and I mean, small), and the bathroom. There you go. Virtual tour.


The first three days I was tired all the time. Jet lag is a wonderful thing that you know you need to be prepared for, but are never actually aware of how tired you’ll be. I am pretty well done with that now, though (which is evidenced by my return to the college practice of staying up to ridiculous hours of the night), and I felt the best today that I have felt the whole time.

Orienting myself to where I am at a given moment is tough. Everything looks the same. They have a lot of the same shops in a small area (I told Jesse that it is a good place for lazy people to live). A lot of stores are crammed into one city block, and they all have bright, colorful signs that would kill an advertising designer in the States and are not much more than white noise if you add a whole street together. But at least it is pretty, in a slightly dingy way. It actually reminds me a lot of Burma (Myanmar), only cleaner.

I am living with a couple named Mikki (Taiwanese) and Caleb (Canadian) Bennett. Today I was excited because I finally figured out how to get to my house from the bus station. 🙂 But when a group of us were walking around earlier to find people to give some food to, I missed the fact that we walked right by The Aroma and thought we were blocks away from it. (In reality we were about a hundred feet from it…) So, directional orientation is slow.


So far I have been hanging out with a team that came from Guam the morning after I got here. We have done some repairs on the office and basement of The Aroma, a prayer walk at a Buddhist temple, and some other smaller things. I have also been getting to know my other roommate, a girl named Irene who is Taiwanese, and experiencing the food. The food is good, but I cannot eat very much of it at one time.

Okay, profiles and more updates coming soon…

Please pray for:

  • A man who is having his house worked on tomorrow by the Guam team, and his sister who is not a Christian. Pray that he will feel blessed and will be able to see his sister believe in Jesus.
  • The people of Wanhua (the district I am in) are under major oppression. It is a very traditional area, meaning a lot of people worship the gods of their ancestors, Buddism, and other folky religions. There is also a stronghold of prostitution and homosexuality here, so please pray that people would find their identity in Christ alone, and in what he has done for them and step out of sin.
  • With that spiritual oppression comes heaviness. Please pray that the people of Taiwan would be reached with the Gospel, and that they would be released from their bonds to be able to dance with joy and live with hearts that are full of purpose and love. 🙂
  • Please pray that I would keep my eyes on Christ and be protected from harm internally and externally, and that God would help me to resist any temptation that comes my way.
  • I have a small sore throat tonight, like the beginning of a cold. Please pray that I would not get sick!
  • The Guam team keeps getting their schedule switched up because people cancel on them, so please pray that the enemy will have no power that can keep them from doing God’s will in this area.

Thank you for your prayers! You know what I always say— “God’s good, the devil’s a liar, and prayer Still Changes Things!!” (Ralph LaBarr).

Tah for now,

Keep the Faith!


Photo on 2015-07-22 at 14.48 #2


One thought on “Jetlag Can Only Bring You Down So Long

  1. So good to hear from you. Own that interview! May the Lord open doors for you to get this job–if it’s the one you want. 🙂 Sounds like you may not need a green bike, but I’m still believing you’ll get one! Glad you’re caught up on sleep. I’m writing this at 2:30 my time–you’re most likely in bed. 🙂 Still trying to figure this out. Are you behind us or ahead? Anxious to hear from you again. Love you.


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